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Scando 650 XL - Public Beta Test

Unique ref.: scando_650_xl
Brand: Alimak
Product family: Construction Hoists
Product group: Scando
Date of publishing: 2019-05-17
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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This is a beta BIM object for testing. 

The Alimak Scando 650 XL construction hoist eases transportation of long facade elements or other bulky materials in the hoist car. With its large capacity, productivity will increase further and thus save time and money.

Extra large construction hoists for passengers and materials

With internal car lengths up to 5 m, a width of 2 m and a height of 2.8 m the new Alimak Scando 650 XL surpasses all existing standard construction hoists operating on a single mast.

By using a forklift truck or a board transit bench the loading and unloading of bulky materials can be done easy and ergonomically.

The Alimak Scando 650 XL can be used in single or dual car configuration. Speeds up to 54 metres per minute and capacities up to 3,000 kg can be achieved. For higher speed (up to 100 metres /minute) or capacity, the data will be specified as per actual project demand.

Adding extra large hoist cars to the 650 success

The 650 concept has been a huge success, combining productivity, reliability and a cost saving modular system with improved ergonomics and up to 40 percent decreased power consumption. With the introduction of the 650 XL, productivity will be increased further and thus save time and money.

Compatible with all 650 modules

In addition, the 650 XL has no counter weight, and can use the whole line of modules and additions available for the Alimak Scando 650 family. It can be configured (or delivered) with standard modules to suit all known project demands for vertical access from low to extreme high-rise buildings

Payload capacity 2,400–3,200 kg
Speed 0–100 m/min.
Max. lifting height 250/400 m *
Car width (internal) 1.5 m
Car length (internal) 2.8–5.0 m
Car height (internal) 2.3 m
Motor control Frequency Control (FC)
No. of motors 3
Safety device type GFD-II
Power supply range 400–500 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Type of mast A-50, Tubular steel with integrated rack
Length mast section 1.508 m
Weight mast section with 1 rack 118 kg
Rack module 5

Material main:
Material secondary:
Designed in: Sweden
Manufactured in:

BIMobject Category: Construction - Site Construction

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