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Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels
Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels
Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels
Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels
Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels

    Altair Perforated Aluminum Panels

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    Astro Metal Craft designed the Altair perforated aluminum building panels from the StellarCraft™ line with support in mind. Altair panels are a robust and dependable cladding system for building facades. They are lightweight, yet strong with the ability to add rigidity to any building. The infill panels are practical and affordable, too. Plus, the vertical support panels create strength. Indeed, this is to meet code for parking structures and building facades. Aluminum perforated metal patterns come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a truly unique facade.


    The Altair perforated panels are a support and fasten style, while the main support tubes running vertically. For instance, it’s everything you want in high-quality perforated panels! Astro Metal Craft takes all the hassle out of installing these panels. We assemble them completely on-site with self-tapping screws. Nevertheless, there is no worry about the welding. It’s all done in-house!


    StellarCraft™ Altair perforated aluminum building panels are designed to meet the IBC codes, 2012 edition. It is engineered to withstand wind load per (IBC 2012, ASCE-7/10 40 PSF & 60 PSF); deflection of aluminum panels to be L/60 max, and deflection of panel framing members to be L/175 max. See the printable Product Description for a complete listing of the Standards and Codes to which StellarCraft products conform.


    All our StellarCraft™ products get fabricated in-house at Astro Metal Craft to your exact dimensions, perforating pattern. The finishing options include a clear anodized finish for class 1 coating, or a high-performance two-coat fluoropolymer finish in the color of your choice. Furthermore, the warranty period for the anodized finish is only one year. However, high-performance organic coating is 10 years.

    • Part 1 - GENERAL

      1.1 SUMMARY:

          A. Prefabricated perforated aluminum screen

            B. Mounting components and accessories

            C. Mechanical Fasteners


            A. Material description and installation instructions for manufactured products

            B. Shop Drawings

            C. Samples for Initial Selection


            A. Comply with Standards and Codes listed in Article 1.02 REFERENCES

        1.4 WARRANTY:

            A. Special Finish Warranty (Anodized Coating)

            B. Special Finish Warranty (High-Performance Organic Coatings)


            A. Deliver materials to the job site in good condition.

            B. Purchaser to store in clean, dry location, properly protected against damage to finished surfaces.

        Part 2 - PRODUCTS

        2.1 MATERIALS:

            A. Aluminum Plate

                1. ASTM B209, 5052-H32 alloy

            B. Aluminum Tube Supports

                1. ASTM B221, 6061-T6 alloy

            C. Aluminum Component Fasteners

                1. Stainless Steel

        2.2 FINISHES:

            A. Anodized Finish: Clear anodized to comply with AA-M12C22A41 for a class 1 coating, complying with AAMA 611, or:

            B. High-Performance Organic Finish: Two-coat fluoropolymer finish complying with AAMA 2605.

        2.3 FABRICATION:

            A. Vertical Supports: Rectangular Tube: 6 x 2 x .125

            B. Clips: Angle 3 x 3 x .188

            C. Panel: Sheet .125”

        Part 3 - EXECUTION

        3.1 EXAMINATION:

            A. Examine substrates, areas, and conditions, with installer present where indicated.

        ● International Building Code, 2012 Edition
        ● Minnesota State Building Code, 2015 Edition
        ● The Society for Protective Coatings
        ● The Aluminum Association, Inc.
        ● American Architectural Manufacturers Association
        ● American Society for Testing & Materials
        ● American Welding Society
        ● Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility

        Wind load per (IBC 2012, ASCE-7/10 40 PSF and 60
        PSF). Deflection of aluminum panels to be L/60 max.
        Deflection of panel framing members to be L/175 max.
        Thermal Movements: Allow for thermal movements from
        ambient and surface temperature changes acting on
        exterior metal fabrications by preventing buckling,
        opening of joints, overstressing of components, failure of
        connections, and other detrimental effects.

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      Technical specification
      • Unique ref.altair-perforated-panels
      • Product familyStellarCraft™
      • Product groupAltair
      • TypeObject (single object)
      • Date of publishing2021-06-30
      • Edition number1
      • Material mainAluminium
      • Designed inUnited States
      • Manufactured inUnited States
      • BIMobject CategoryWalls - Cladding
      • ETIM CodeEG020350
      • ETIM NameBuilding - Facade cladding
      • UNSPSC nameExterior finishing materials
      • UNSPSC code3015
      • Uniclass 2015 CodeSs_25_20_60
      • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionPanel and sheet cladding systems
      • OmniClass Number23-13 37 13
      • OmniClass TitleExterior Wall Cladding
      • CSI UniFormat II CodeB2010
      • CSI UniFormat II TitleExterior Walls

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