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BIMscript 3.0 for Rhinoceros 5

Unique ref.: bimscript3rhino
Brand: BIMscript
Product family: BIMscript
Product group: Rhinoceros
Date of publishing: 2018-01-25
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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BIMscript® lets users create their own digital building products, also referred to as BIM objects. Users can generate parametric, native BIM objects in a number of commonly used formats for industry-leading BIM applications such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, 3DS, Graphisoft ARCHICAD, and Trimble SketchUp, as well as AR and VR formats.

BIMscript is free to try as long as you have a bimobject.com account. If you want to be able to create all the files you will need to be accredited. For more information on how, please visit bimscript.bimobject.com or email bimscript@bimobject.com.

BIMscript 3.0 for Rhinoceros 5

We have rebranded our solution, so it is now called only BIMscript. Both the plugin and the language.

There’s a bunch of new features to introduce so I will not keep you waiting.

From now on, anyone with a BIMobject account can try the plugin. The only thing that is blocked is the ability to create files. That part requires an accreditation with us.

To learn more about accreditation, please visit bimscript.bimobject.com

We have introduced a level of accreditation which will be awarded to accredited developers who has mastered the new features of BIMscript. If you have access to the training brand, you can find the advanced assignment there. Should you not have access please send an email to bimscript@bimobject.com.

You can now create simple windows and door objects with BIMscript. That means we had to introduce a bunch of new features for you to use:

  • New parameter user interface
    In this version, you don't have to copy/paste the code to create parameters. There is now a user interface to control this!
  • Material groups
    To create an object with material choices and geometry choices could become quite complex. We have now created material groups to make this easier. Instead of applying a single material to geometry you can now apply several all at once. This will simplify the script creation greatly!
  • Ranged parameters
    Before you could only have discrete parameters, set value parameters. Now you can define a number parameter that the user can specify within a set range also.
  • Extrusions
    You can create extrusions of 2D profiles with BIMscript and use them to create windows, doors and other products that can benefit from extrusions.
  • Transformations
    This means that you can attach ranged parameters to Scaling*, rotation and move actions for geometries and extrusions.
    * Scaling only for extrusions and cubes
  • Add cube
    The cube feature allows you to add a one by one by one cube to your product. That cube can then be scaled, moved and rotated with transformations.
  • Formulae and calculations
    These are used to make more advanced calculations to control geometries in our model. For example, take a ranged parameter divide it with a default extrusion height and then use that as scaling of the extrusion.

Note : the plugin works with the 64-bit version of Rhino 5 by typing "BIMscript" in the command line.

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