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The BIMobject® Blog

“BIMscript not only makes it possible – it makes it easy!”

Viktor Kiselev uses BIMscript® to build objects. But more importantly, he has used it to build a successful business in a market that offers plenty of challenges. Here's how the co-founder of BIMservice and his team drive the BIM revolution within and beyond the Ukrainian borders.

When Viktor Kiselev finished university in 2012, the Ukrainian job market was a tough place for developers. He realised that BIM would revolutionise the AEC industry, and was eager to drive change himself. Together with his friend Dmitry, Viktor decided to look beyond the borders of their home country. Dmitry contacted BIMobject, and their timing couldn't have been better. Within ten days, they had embarked on a developing journey that would change their lives. Today, Viktor's team at BIMservice consists of four young developers who use BIMscript® to build their own success stories.

Viktor’s previous experiences of working as an outsourced developer had taught him plenty about the industry. He knew that the clients he had been producing content for tended to face the same dilemma:

“Every manufacturer wants their objects to be compatible with all of the industry-leading authoring softwares, but developing multiplatform objects takes time. That was a sort of bottleneck for our production.”

BIMobject put Viktor and Dmitry in touch with bigger clients to develop BIM content on a larger scale. They were given a new tool in the shape of BIMscript®, a BIMobject solution for parametric content creation. The solution would prove a game changer for their business, starting with Viktor’s workflow.

“It suddenly took me less time to create an object in eight different formats than I had used to need for a single Revit model”, he explains.

But the impact stretched further than that. The time freed up by the ability to produce content that much more efficiently meant the two young entrepreneurs could land and keep larger clients. It also allowed them to meet the needs of smaller manufacturers with a tighter budget. Viktor and Dmitry found themselves needing to hire staff to match the demand, and so the BIMservice team quickly doubled in size.

To Viktor, the success is a direct result both of the team’s hard work and of gaining access to advanced content creation technology: “BIMscript not only makes it possible – it makes it easy!”

The Ukrainian industries are still waking up to the possibilities of BIM. Several inquiries have been made, mostly from the construction sector. But manufacturers have contacted the BIMservice team as well, mainly ones who are based in other countries with a presence in the local market, too. “The Ukrainian BIM breakthrough is just a few years away,” Viktor predicts.

Regardless, he sees a bright future ahead for himself, Dmitry, and their colleagues at BIMservice:

“We want to keep growing our team alongside the possibilities of BIM content development, and alongside BIMobject. With the latest BIMscript updates, we’ll be able to create even more complex objects. I’m really excited to try my own ideas about creating BIM versions of heavy machinery, like lifting equipment. That’d be a major improvement of BIM overall.”