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The BIMobject® Blog

Manufacturers need to be visible in their customers’ digital working environment

Natalie Nilsson is the PR and Marketing Manager at BIMobject and has worked two and a half years for the company. During her time at BIMobject, the company has expanded rapidly and gone from around twenty employees to more than seventy-five.

How is it to work at BIMobject?

I am driven by challenges and enjoy challenging my colleagues with innovative ideas every day. For that reason, BIMobject is the perfect working place for me. Our decision processes are very short and all ideas are welcomed to the table. BIMobject is a true success story where everyone is working towards the same goals. And it is this particular enthusiasm, that is the reason behind our success.

How can the building industry become more “up-to-date”?

Today, we live in a digital world and the building industry is currently not keeping pace. My challenge is to let a digital mindset pervade a very conservative industry and help manufacturers become more visible. One could say that BIMobject is what Facebook is to social networking and Spotify to music.

You speak highly of inbound marketing, what does that mean?

It is a marketing approach that is perceived attractive, rather than disturbing, because it creates value for the recipient. It is all about being visible where the clients are! Utilize the social platforms out there to boost your visibility and make sure to join groups and forums and offer your target group what it wants and more. BIMobject offers the only fully integrated inbound marketing solution for the building industry in the world. With BIMobject Apps for ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUp, we connect the manufacturers’ BIM objects with BIM users. When manufacturers are visible on the BIMobject Cloud, they are also visible in their users’ digital working environment, in other words, integrated in their authoring softwares.

Are traditional communication approaches outdated?

Nobody likes being disturbed by commercials and ads, and today there are many other channels available. It is important to be where the customers are and understand what they like. You can use your entire marketing budget on expensive ads in order to be seen, the problem is that it does not work as effectively today. You don’t buy the attention of your target group, you rent it for a short period of time. Advertising is only temporary, when you stop paying rent, you stop receiving attention. By using digital replicas, you create something that the users really want and need. You save the users both time and money and make it possible for them to work with objects that really exist. It is about attracting instead of disturbing.

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