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The BIMobject® Blog

Weland becomes brand #1,000 in the BIMobject Cloud

When Swedish steel manufacturer Weland published their first product in the BIMobject Cloud, it was not only a milestone for their business, but for BIMobject as well. By publishing Weland’s first product, BIMobject has reached the astounding number of 1,000 brands hosted on the cloud-based platform.

Swedish company Weland manufactures and supplies a wide range of steel products, such as spiral staircases, straight flight staircases, railings, gangways, gratings and mezzanines. Being part of the larger, family-owned Weland Group, Weland was founded in the 1940’s and builds its operation on extensive experience from the construction industry. Today, Weland aims to not only be a premium vendor of steel products, but also a valuable partner and source of knowledge for their clients.

Mattias Andersson, marketing manager at Weland AB, stresses the importance of being agile and ready to adapt to the demands of the market. He also notes the increasing importance of offering digital objects to architects and designers.

“We have been receiving a lot of requests for BIM objects from our clients, so launching our brand on www.bimobject.com was a natural next step for us”, he says.

Thomas Salomonsson is the CEO of Industrireklam, a marketing company that is also part of the Weland Group. He is enthusiastic about the opportunities to interact directly with specifiers, that come with being present in the BIMobject Cloud.

“Publishing our products in the BIMobject® Cloud is part of our strategy to reach and support our clients as early on as possible in the design process,” he says.

Being head of construction at Weland AB, Daniel Vågenäs sees the brands presence in the BIMobject Cloud as a way to cater to market needs, and notes that the whole industry is constantly becoming an increasingly digital affair.

“Being a family-owned company deeply rooted in Sweden, we make a strong point of combining our genuine experience from this rather traditional industry with being agile, constantly evolving and adapting to the needs and demands of the market”, he says.