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The BIMobject® Blog

“Our clients have been asking us to 'go BIM' for a long time."

Designtak is a Swedish manufacturer of stylish entrance roofs. We had a chat with Eddie Wingren, CEO at Designtak, about BIM, BIMobject and BIMscript® LENA.

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5 quick questions to Jack Meltzer from FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLIR Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. We gave Jack Meltzer, director at FLIR Systems, Inc a call to check on how things are going.

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The future of the digital supply chain

We are proud to present Hugo Dorph, Group Commercial Director at Solar A/S, as one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2017 in Malmö, October 10-11. With a background in IT he has brought a fresh pair of eyes to the construction industry, one of the last industries to enter the era of digitalisation.

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Weland becomes brand #1,000 in the BIMobject Cloud

When Swedish steel manufacturer Weland published their first product in the BIMobject Cloud, it was not only a milestone for their business, but for BIMobject as well. By publishing Weland’s first product, BIMobject has reached the astounding number of 1,000 brands hosted on the cloud-based platform[...]

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“With BIMsupply® Spaces we can show designers how our products can be used”

The Italian company Valsir produces a wide range of products within the domain of water, supply systems, underfloor heating and flush cisterns. They make great use of the BIMobject® Cloud, where they employ BIMsupply® Spaces to show the different features of their products, and how they can be used.[...]

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