Lightweight Engineered Stone Pavement. Thanks to the PVC-free stone base TENACITY combines beautiful wood and tile designs with waterproof performance and durability that make it ideal for active families with children and pets. This floor is perfect for all spaces, installable in large areas without door transitions and suitable for installation directly on top of kitchen islands and heavy cabinets. Because of its combination, this floor is perfect for installation next to radiant heating systems and underfloor cooling. In contrast to ceramic tiles, it incorporates a click assembly system that makes installation easier and saves a lot of money. The NET Plus backing is extra-resistant to mold and mildew, with a resistance. Its MICROBIAL RESISTANT surface inhibits the growth of microbial odors and protects the product from degradation. In addition, it is beneficial to the environment, its backing is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, the installation of 50m2 of this flooring ensures that 550 bottles do not become waste material littering the environment and our oceans.
  • Rigid vinyl flooring with stone core TENACITY Flooring-rsm-(composed of Magnesium Oxide- MgO) free of pvc and plasticizers, formats in wooden slats of 196mmx 1210mm and in tiles of 596mm x 298mm, with a total thickness of 7mm and a wear layer of 0.4mm, with "realistic texture" (synchronized pore), Innovation 4 Flooring joint system (I4F "Click4U " angle), with painted "V" bevel and special acoustic backing of recycled PET (18 dB). Classification according to ISO 10874 (EN 685): 23-33 (INTENSE COMMERCIAL USE). Abrasion resistance (EN 660-2): Group T (maximum resistance). Fire behavior (EN 13501-1): Bfl - s1. Electrostatic properties (EN 1815): antistatic (< 2 kV). Radiant heating (EN 12524): Suitable, maximum temperature in the lower part of the flooring: 27ºC. Solid ceramic core PVC free and 100% resistant to water, scratches, dirt, stains, fire, mildew and bacteria. Certifications: ASTM G21-15, A+, REACH, EUROFINS, GLOBAL REYCLED STANDARD, WASTE 2 WEAR. Warranty: 15 years commercial use and "lifetime" residential use.
Technical specification
  • Unique ref.TENACITY-PVC-FREE-1514
  • Collection setTENACITY
  • CollectionPVC FREE
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2021-07-26
  • Edition number1
  • Width (mm)1210
  • Width (mm)1960
  • Depth (mm)7
  • Material mainVinyl
  • Material secondaryVinyl
  • BIMobject CategoryFlooring - Vinyl Flooring