Home pro multi door frost free refrigerator

Electrolux, always seeking way to innovate people's lives, has just made its new Home Pro line available.

It is a line of kitchen products that promotes a unique experience, with elegance and style, to provide you with a complete, modern, sophisticated solution.

The big difference of the Home Pro line is elegance. With a contemporary design, it combines the best of stainless steel with touch panels with blue LED. Perfect to renew your decor.

This Electrolux Refrigerator is an excellent ally in your daily life. With Inverter technology, the Frost Free Refrigerator has excellent quiet operation and greater food preservation, with less energy consumption.

It has an ice and water dispenser on the door, providing filtered water, cubed or crushed ice in a practical way, with no need to open the refrigerator.

Shelves help you to store food with a retractable and sliding system on the door, with flexibility to use the internal space.

It has a safer egg holder that to prevent food from being lost due to normal accidents in daily use.

Its Hortinatura drawer preserves your vegetables for up to 60% longer *, compared to the common drawer. This is, finally, a Refrigerator that will meet all your needs.
* Tested with green leaves

Ice and water dispenser on the door, filtered water, cubed or crushed ice at all times, without opening the refrigerator door.
Inverter Technology: Less energy consumption, less noise and more food preservation, as there are less temperature variations.
Hortinatura drawer Preserves vegetables for up to 60% * longer than ordinary drawers. * Tested with green leaves.
Fast Adapt shelves sliding against the door, with flexibility to adapt the space to different sizes of packages and items.
Blue LED touch panel with several Turbo function for party, holidays, express drinks. Control your refrigerator for several occasions and always have the correct temperature for each use.
Asymmetric doors: Greater flexibility and organization to open the refrigerator

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