Revolving Door RS-Krystal (4 door leaves)

Revolving Door RS-Krystal (4 door leaves)

The Revolving Door RS-Krystal Rotary System are designed to adapt to facilities with a high traffic of people. Available in three and four leaves, in manual and automatic versions, it has a system of folding the leaves for tracks evacuation height up to 4 meters. The revolving doors of the Rotary System range provide compliance with the EN 16005 standard, based on the conditions and requirements of use of the installation. Seven different models of revolving doors, which allow us to adapt to all needs while maintaining the functionality and elegance that characterize these doors, which provide a unique, differentiating and sophisticated entrance even before entering the building. They provide solutions aimed at improving user safety, energy saving costs and BMS building management systems. They minimize air leakage in buildings acclimatized with air conditioning or heating, which results in considerable energy savings due to the thermal and acoustic insulation they provide.
  • Revolving Door ROTARY SYSTEM type GRUPSA Mod. RS-KRYSTAL with 4 leaves in Stainless Steel quality AISI 316 surface finish No. 8 Gloss.

    _Diameter XXXX mm

    _Clear Passage Height XXXX mm

    _1 Mechanical Lock in outer door leaf

    _Brushes L=35 - 55mm

    _Vertical Handles in Stainless Steel brilliant mirror 40 mm

    _Clear Tempered Glass 10 mm in door leaf, clear laminated glass 66/2 mm in curved panel and clear tempered glass 108/4 mm in ceiling.

    Operator for revolving doors GSRD-05 of GRUPSA embedded in the ground with the following components:

    _Inverter with integrated, intelligent and reprogrammable PLC by microprocessor, expansion of components, applications and advanced information and management system.

    _Electrical panel and safety connection

    _TSC-43 touch control screen with 5 functions: Closed - Automatic - Permanent Rotation - Exit Only - Manual. Multilingual system with extension option for installation up to 100 meters. away.

    _User control: change of use mode and user menu, fault diagnosis service, date and time. Control of the installation: Regulation of parameters and adjustment of installation parameters.

    _Control by brushless Servomotor: light, weight and small size, maintenance-free and high precision.

    _Adjustable turning speed from 1 - 4 r.p.m.

    _Adjustable stopping speed

    _Main supply: 230 VAC frequency 50/60 Hz

    _Consumption in stand by 46W

    _Consumption in rotation 92W

    _Consumption in safety stop 225 W

    _Registrable drawer of 900 x 900 x 240 mm for the installation of the operator.

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.rs_krystal_4
  • Collection setRotary System
  • CollectionRevolving Doors
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2021-04-27
  • Edition number1
  • Material mainStainless steel
  • Designed inSpain
  • Manufactured inSpain
  • BIMobject CategoryDoors - Revolving