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G3000 Series - Glasswall

G3000 Series - Glasswall

Type G3000 mobile glass wall partitions

Possible applications of type G3000 movable glass wall partitions are manifold in today's modern and sophisticated architecture. They offer transparency and freely accessible illumination, for example in hotels and conference centers, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, churches and religious establishments and sports and leisure facilities. Glass wall partitions harmonies with almost every ambiance. Glasswall is the creative answer for facilities requiring a physical, but not a visual, barrier. Let the light shine in! Glasswalls are available in the following styles: frameless (glass with polished edges); framed (aluminum trim edges).

Glass is a material ensuring many creative alternatives of color, surface and individual conditioning. The crystal clear and colored glasses of ESG are an ideal solution. Complete glass elements with vertically bordered profile are also included in the delivery program.

HUFCOR-movable partitions offer manifold design variants, from the planning and draft stages onwards

  • Track Finish:
    * RAL 9010 - White
    * E6/EV1 anodized

    Frame finish:
    * E6/EV1

    Glass Type:
    * ESG /VSG 10 /10,76mm
    * ESG 12mm

    Glass Color:
    * Clear
    * Smoked
    * Transparent colored
    * Opaque film manifestation

    Lock options:
    * Key activated both sides
    * Key activated one side
    * Key activated one side/thumb turn other side

    * Hufcor G3000 Glasswalls are supplied with Double Point suspension. This allows panels to follow track intersection away from the opening allowing panels to stack out of sight.

    Panel types:
    * Standard panels: Consisting of one sheet of glass and a top and bottom aluminum frame, with the top frame housing two carriers towards each panel edge. The bottom frame houses either one or two floor bolts
    * Pivot Door Panel: A full height access door, positioned at one end of the partition. Note that because the pivot panel is fixed into the top track and also fixes into the floor, the panel cannot move along the track.
    * Intermediate Door Panel: Enables access through the partition at any position within the wall, hinged from an adjacent (supporting) panel which must be secured at each edge using floor bolts.

    Panel Weight:
    * 30 Kg/m2

    Panel height:
    * max 3750/5200mm depending on panel width

    Panel width:
    * 610 - 1250mm

    Top Track:
    * Configuration double point suspension, weight 5.4 kg/m, capacity per panel 450 kg.

    * Two wheeled counter-rotating horizontal carriers, precision ground steel ball bearings with heat-treated and hardened races encased with nylon-molded tires.
    * Used to support panels in a double point configuration.
    * Each panel has two carriers positioned towards each edge of the panel.

    Floor bolts and sockets:
    * Panels have at least one floor bolt positioned at one end of the bottom frame of the panel.

    Door furniture:
    * Handle supplied with all pivot/ intermediate door panels.

    Operable Partition

    Operable Glasswall

    Movable Wall

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.G3000_Glass
  • Product familyOperable Partitions
  • Product groupGlasswall
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2016-08-03
  • Edition number2
  • Material mainGlass
  • Material secondaryAluminium
  • Designed inGermany
  • Manufactured inGermany
  • BIMobject CategoryWalls - Folding & Moving Walls
  • IFC classificationWall
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code10 22 23
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitlePortable Partitions, Screens, and Panels