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Type 100 Series - Operable Partition

Type 100 Series - Operable Partition

Hufcor Type 100 Moveable Wall is available in a single point or double point configuration and can offer an acoustic sound rating performance of up to 57 dB, laboratory tested to latest European standards. Choice of panel face finish is endless. Hufcor finishes guide includes premium finishes like Anti-Fingerprint and magnetic/writable finishes; uni colours and wood grains. Additional features can also include acoustical and veneer finishes.

The panels can be constructed with concealed trims in order to achieve a ‘plain faced’ wall appearance (Type 100). Alternatively, aluminum framing profiles protect the facing boards for durability and long partition life (Type 100K).
The aluminum frames and tracks may be powder-coated or color-anodized to coordinate with panel faces, ceiling grids etc. Single point panels are an ideal solution because they set up or stack using just a single length of track across a room. Panels can then be moved quickly, quietly and effortlessly to a stacking position at one or both sides of the room.

ESS models have all the features and benefits of Type 100 range with the added benefit of semi-electrically operated panel seals.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications including: hotels and conference centers, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, churches and religious establishments, sports and leisure facilities.

  • Panel thickness:
    * Type 100K: 97mm (Type 100K)
    * Type 100:  113mm
                      119mm (57dB RwP)

    Acoustic rating (certified sound protection 39-57dB RwP):
    * 39dB RwP, 42dB RwP, 43dB RwP, 46dB RwP, 48dB RwP, 49dB RwP, 51dB RwP, 53dB RwP, and 54dB RwP
    * 57dB RwP - 119mm thick panel (only Type 100)

    Track Finish:
    * RAL 9010 - White
    * E6/EV1 anodized

    Panel Trim:
    * Type 100K - trimmed, 13mm
    * Type 100   - untrimmed

    Panel Finish:
    * HUFCOR finishes, veneer, acoustic panel face, others on request

    Partition Accessories:
    * Magnetic dry wipe panels - Insert size required.
    * ESS Moveable Wall - With semi-electrically operated seals to close the 25 mm gap at the top and bottom of the panel and to close the LCP operating gap.

    Panel types:
    * Standard panel: Forms the majority width of the operable wall.
    * Lever closure panel: Closes the final gap between the partition and the structural wall.
    * Pivot door: In effect a full height access door positioned at one end of the opening.
    * Pass door: Incorporates a 900 mm wide by 2100 mm height door hinged inside the panel frame.
    * Double pass door: Used for when larger clear door openings are required.
    * Corner panel (L-shaped): Used when two moveable walls meet at an L-section.
    * 'T' panel: to provide intersection between two walls.

    Panel weights:
    * Standard panel: 35-63 kg/m2.
    * For the lever closure panel add 10kg/m2 per panel.
    *For a single pass door:
    39 dB RwP ~ 53 kg/m2 
    54 dB RwP ~ 74 kg/m2
    57 dB RwP ~ 78 kg/m2

    * Basic panels: 650 - 1320mm.
    * Single door: 1216mm (900 clear door opening).
    * Double door: 2 x 1058mm (1800 clear door opening).

    * Standard panels: Up to 8000mm (above 8000mm, use 600 series).
    * Single door: 2100mm
    * Double door: 2100mm
    * Pivot door: 3200mm
    Maximum height needs to be calculated against track capacity/panel weight.

    * A wide range of panel sizes and layouts are possible - consult manufacturer with requirements for a full design service.

    Acoustic rating:
    * Magnetic strips are provided in the vertical sections to ensure effective acoustic performance on 49 db RwP models and above. Quick set mechanical seals lock the panels into position.

    * Single point – Allows panels to hang centrally to the overhead support track and stack at either end of an opening.
    * Double point – Allows panels to follow track intersection away from the opening allowing panels to stack out of sight.
    * Can also be finished to any specific color chosen, and also match the panel aluminum profiles if required.

    Fire performance (does not apply for Germany):
    Where a moveable wall is required to be fire resistant, Hufcor can offer a 30-minute option. However, it should always be considered that a moveable wall cannot self-close in the event of a fire and so the use of it should be carefully considered and approval sought from the appropriate fire authority. Fire protection FI30 EN 13501-2: 2003

    Operable Partition
    Operable Glasswall
    Movable Wall

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.Type_100
  • Product familyOperable Partitions
  • Product groupSteel wall
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2016-08-03
  • Edition number2
  • Material mainAluminium
  • Designed inGermany
  • Manufactured inGermany
  • BIMobject CategoryWalls - Folding & Moving Walls
  • IFC classificationWall
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code10 22 23
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitlePortable Partitions, Screens, and Panels