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Acheron Designer Loudspeaker

Unique ref.: meyersound-acheron-designer
Brand: Meyer Sound
Product family: Loudspeakers
Product group: Cine-Studio
Date of publishing: 2019-04-25
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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An excellent choice for sound designers, screening rooms, small commercial and private theatres, Acheron Designer offers the same operating frequency range as other Acheron models, and the same patent-pending horn technology and high-frequency compression driver. The Acheron Designer also features recessed convection cooling which allows for flat wall placement.

Features & Benefits

  • High peak power output with ultralow distortion
  • Exceptional fidelity and extended highfrequency performance
  • Constant-Q horn yields uniform response throughout coverage area
  • Features & Benefits
  • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy
  • Seamless integration with HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and X-800C subwoofer


  • Sound design suites
  • Small theatres
  • Custom, private theatres
  • Re-recording stages
  • Mixing for postproduction facilities

The loudspeaker shall be a self-powered, full-range system; the transducers shall consist of a 12-inch diameter cone driver and a 4-inch diaphragm compression driver on an 80-degree

horizontal by 50-degree vertical horn. The loudspeaker system shall incorporate internal processing electronics and a two channel amplifier, one channel for each driver. Processing
functions shall include frequency and phase correction, signal division, and protection for the low- and high-frequency sections. The crossover point shall be 680 Hz.

Each amplifier channel shall be Class-D. Burst capability for the low-frequency channel shall be 550 watts total with a nominal 2-ohm resistive load and 250 watts for the high frequency channel with a nominal 8-ohm resistive load. Total burst power shall be 700 watts (1400 watts peak). Distortion (THD, IM, TIM) shall not exceed 0.02 percent. Performance specifications for a typical production unit shall be as follows, measured at 1/3-octave resolution: operating frequency range shall be 37 Hz to 18 kHz; phase response shall be ±30 degrees from 230 Hz to 17 kHz; maximum peak SPL shall be 130 dB at 1 meter, free field.

The audio input shall be electronically balanced with a 10 kOhm impedance and accept a nominal 10 dBV (3.2 V rms, 4.5 V peak) signal. Connector shall be XLR (A-3) type female with parallel looping male. RF filtering shall be provided, and CMRR shall be greater than 80 dB from 50 Hz to 500 Hz.

The internal power supply shall perform automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on, and surge suppression. Power requirements shall be nominal 100, 110, or 230 V AC line current at 50 or 60 Hz. UL and CE operating voltage range shall be 100 to 240 V AC. Current draw during burst (<1 sec) shall be 3.1 A at 115 V AC, 1.4 A at 230 V AC and 3.6 A at 100 V AC. Ultimate short-term peak current draw shall be 12.0 A at 115 V AC, 54 A at 230 V AC, and 12.4 A at 100 V AC. The AC power connector shall be a PowerCon locking connector
with loop output.

The loudspeaker system shall provide facilities for installing Meyer Sound’s optional RMS remote monitoring system.

All loudspeaker components shall be mounted in an acoustically vented enclosure constructed of premium birch plywood with a low-gloss, black-textured finish. An optional grille frame with protective, black cloth shall be available. Dimensions shall be 19.00 inches wide by 25.38 inches high by 14.58 inches deep (483 mm x 645 mm x 370 mm) without the optional grille frame. Weight shall be 76 lbs (34.5 kg) with the optional grille frame. The cabinet bottom shall include protective, plastic skids, as well as two M6 attachment points for the optional MYA-DES cradle-style yoke.

The loudspeaker shall be the Meyer Sound Acheron Designer.

Keyword: Loudspeaker, Loudspeakers

Material main: Birch
Material secondary: Plywood
Designed in: United States
Manufactured in: United States

BIMobject Category: Electronics - Audio
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L76116
Uniclass 1.4 Description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-75-06-49
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_70_75_36_50
Uniclass 2015 Description: Loudspeakers
NBS Reference Code: 75-06-49
NBS Reference Description: Loudspeakers
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 27 24 23
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Audio-Video Devices
OmniClass Number: 23-37 15 29 11 13
OmniClass Title: Loudspeakers
This product is available in:
North America
  • United States

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Electronics - Audio

Name Value
Depth 14.58
Height 25.38
Installation Locations Small Theatres ; Custom, Private Theatres ; Re-Recording Stages ; Mixing for Postproduction Facilities
System Type Loudspeaker
Width 19

Meyer Sound


Name Value
Weight 113 lb
Maximum Peak SPL 134 dB
Total Output 1400 W Peak
Operating Frequency Range 37 Hz to 18 kHz
Vertical Coverage 50 deg
Crossover 580 Hz
Output Power 700 W (1 x 550 W, 1 x 250 W)
Horizontal Coverage 80 deg
Finish Low-Gloss Black Textured
Rigging Optional Version of the Acheron Studio Available with Side Attachment Points and MYA-AST Mounting Yoke
Enclosure Material Premium Birch Plywood

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