ClimaCLEAR™—All Glass Single Track Sliding System for Weather Protection

NanaWall ClimaCLEAR is the only frameless all glass individual panel sliding system specifically engineered for transparent weather protection. Patent pending, non-thermally broken single pane, ClimaCLEAR has been independently tested and rated, making it the choice for flexible space management solutions for outdoor spaces for both residential and commercial applications.

ClimaCLEAR allows for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles providing natural daylighting, open views, and a clean, modern appearance making it suitable for all design styles. Whether the system is open or closed, it virtually disappears from sight. However, when the wall is closed, the beauty of an all glass aesthetic is realized with the added benefit of weather protection and acoustical privacy.

In moderate climates, ClimaCLEAR can be used to create an indoor/outdoor lifestyle in living rooms, dining rooms,and kitchens.

In colder climates, extend the seasonal enjoyment of outdoor patios, three season rooms, or porches with ClimaCLEAR frameless glass walls. Create a transparent shelter from the elements without inhibiting the connection to the outdoors while also providing protection for outdoor furniture.

In commercial settings or sport venue applications, ClimaCLEAR allows for maximum viewing and unobstructed sightlines even when closed.

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