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BIM for all

BIM helps AECO working faster and more efficiently, why the number of BIM's users is increasing every day.

The motivations are clear and the figures confirm it. Concerning the number of registered users on the platform, with the largest BIM content platform in the world, it has mutiplied by four in 3 years: 500,000 in August 2017 and 2,000,000 in August 2020. This upward trend continues to grow. 

BIMobject facilitates the daily work of architects, design offices and project owners.

Users see a real plus in using the BIMobject Cloud because they have access to a database of products from manufacturers in different sectors, with different levels of details. Almost all the batches of a project are covered and help to save time for the designer, engineer and to obtain real objects with information validated by the industrialist, which offers peace of mind to the architect and engineer.

"BIMobject, a useful platform for our projects. We mainly upload manufacturer objects to We use this platform regularly, at least once per project. The information contained in the objects allows us to work easily and to integrate them directly into the project descriptions. The quality of the objects uploaded from the BIMobject portal is perfect for our needs. "says Thomas Van Havre and Raphaël Padovani, architects at the Belgian agency C&W Design + Build (full architects interview).

According to the study, the BIMobject portal facilitates the work of architects and engineers*:
  • 74% of users report being able to easily download real BIM objects from manufacturers
  • 57% save time on a project
  • 54% discover new products/materials
  • 49% discover new manufacturers

Elsa Aubert, draughtswoman at Oméga Etanchéité, a design office based in Marseille, specialising in the fields of waterproofing, roofing and leak detection with a great mastery of thermal insulation.

For Elsa, "Using the BIMobject portal has been a great help in working in the sealing sector from the outset. The BIMobject portal is useful on a daily basis and allows me to integrate objects validated by industrialists into models, save time, be efficient on the projects I lead. "(full interview)

Elsa Aubert at Omega Etanchéité

Several construction manufacturers are showing an interest in offering digital replicas to architects and design offices as well. The BIMobject Cloud connects manufacturers to professionals in the Construction industry. 

"Offering a library of BIM objects on BIMobject and Polantis allows our products to be in the right place at the right time. All specifiers who consult these platforms can contact us for further information on our products. Our products gain visibility on these platforms. 

BIM content platforms are showcases for our products. This presence reduces the tedious and often ill-timed prescribing action with architects' offices. Now they have access to our library when they need it. This is much more efficient. "says Pierre-Yves Laurent, Brand Manager at LIPPI, a French manufacturer of gates and fences (LIPPI interview).

A win-win collaboration of all stakeholders 

BIM is a matter for architects, engineers, draughtsmen as well as manufacturers and clients. By working closely together, the design, realisation and maintenance is optimised. 

  • What's in it for manufacturers: showing digital replicas of their products to specifiers

In 2019, ODF Paris embarked on the BIM adventure to :

  • Respond to new and future requirements of public and private contracts that integrate the BIM process into major construction operations. As a manufacturer, we didn't want to be surprised and be able to respond quickly.
  • Meeting the challenge of the digital transition.
  • Continue to work with the construction majors that have implemented BIM processes in the development of architectural projects.
  • Add numerical value to their products.
ODF Paris on BIMobject - interview

BIM is a logical continuation of a manufacturer's approach: a manufactured object declares Tom Revilliod (ODF Paris interview is available)

  • BIM is key for large-scale projects 

Architectural agencies clearly see the benefits of working in BIM. Francesco Ciurleo, Architect - BIM Manager of Quadri Fiore Architects presented and shared his experience on the 100% BIM project "Origin - Offices".

"The client ICADE launched a competition in 2015, won by the ACQ group (Architects Caubet and Quadri Fiore). The two agencies came together to be able to carry out all the studies and plan to build this beautiful project. The tasks have been divided in a well thought-out manner as the project is 70,000 m2 spread over two buildings. This thoughtful division of tasks was essential in order to keep a unitary spirit between the buildings and to have a common language for the project as a whole". 

Francesco explains that we shouldn't be afraid of this BIM approach, we have to jump into it. The BIM Manager is not a geek... Every architect must understand and use the new tools he has in hand. Usually, the will of Quadri Fiore agency is to involve everyone and give them access to the model. Every architect is trained to work in BIM, is responsible for his intervention on the project. (Discover the Origine-Bureaux project - France)

Origine Project near Paris (France)

 "Initially, the BIM approach can be more expensive and requires some investments, but it allows ICADE to save money later on, especially on maintenance/operation during the whole life of the building" adds Francesco Ciurleo. 

Finally, ORIGINE is an important and large-scale project for the client ICADE, for architects, for design offices, and for construction companies. They are facing a complex project both for the program, as well as for the dimension, the compliance of standards, the technical and technological challenge. BIM helped them in the approach and the quality control of their project.


With this increase in BIM users every year, companies in the construction sector that have not yet digitalized their products and solutions must react as quickly as possible in order not to miss out on business opportunities. It should be noted that BIM is much more than a trend, but a real evolution in working and collaboration methods that should be integrated into the marketing strategy of any manufacturer. To be competitive in 2020 is to be digital.

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* survey ran out towards BIMobject users in France and Belgium

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Oct 13, 2020

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Oct 6, 2020


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