BIMobject co-hosts design competition with LUG Light Factory

Nina Quist - 2018-08-10

We’re delighted to invite architects and interior designers from the global BIMobject community to enter into an exclusive design competition organised in collaboration with LUG. Submit your project for the chance of winning prizes worth a total of 12,000 €!

To participate, your task is to use LUG lighting to create the best possible environment for living and working. Your project may encompass a whole building, a single interior, or a façade. Your design must be illuminated with LUG luminaires. The project must include at least one floor or site plan, and one section or elevation (depending on whether the design concerns internal or external lighting), as well as a minimum of three visualisations of your solution.

Entries will be assessed by a jury based on four different aspects: creativity, functionality, aesthetics, and accuracy in the use of LUG luminaires. The deadline for submitting entries is October 31st.

LUG is a leading LED lighting manufacturer with 29 years of experience in the lighting industry and the BIMobject team are excited to have the opportunity to co-host this prestigious competition.

Full details about the competition can be found here:


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