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BIMobject® enters strategic partnership agreement with Veidekke Entreprenad AB

BIMobject AB (BIMobject) announces that the company has entered a strategic partnership agreement with the construction company Veidekke Entreprenad AB (Veidekke).

Veidekke, which is part of the Norwegian Veidekke ASA group, is the fourth largest construction, civil engineering and housing development company with a revenue of 24.5 billion NOK (2015) and approximately 7 000 employees. Veidekke has a strong position in the Swedish construction industry and has approximately 1 700 employees in their Swedish operations.

Veidekke has decided to remain on the leading edge in regard to digital structuring of their operations. After a considered discussion with BIMobject, they have entered a strategic partnership for these issues in order to increase efficiency of future projects. The partnership involves BIMobject providing their cloud solution for digital processing of the construction process and building components – BIMobject Hercules. BIMobject and Veidekke will jointly study and evaluate the partnership collaboration and customise the product to match Veidekke's future contracting operations.

“This is a highly strategic partnership, that we see will further increase efficiency within the construction industry – not only regarding costs, but also in terms of time savings and environmental benefits. We see the partnership as evidence that the large construction firms are beginning to learn of the potential for efficiency gains in their construction projects. We see Veidekke as a proactive company that uses close control and digitalisation to improve their building projects. This partnership will very much involve concrete examples that includes involving suppliers early in the digital building process. Considering the current construction business climate and its heavy competitiveness, construction companies must revise their processes and structures. Veidekke’s interest in BIMobject’s products confirms that we are on the right path with our solution-focused development", says Alexander Montell, Business Developer, BIMobject.

“The cooperation with BIMobject is part of our effort to be a leader in VDC (Virtual Design and Construction). By using BIMobject’s quality services we secure our information flow and involve our suppliers in the early stages of projects, while we at the same time further digitise a large part of our process. Through this, we will achieve greater efficiency in our projects and a higher quality of our final product. The cooperation feels completely right and we have an exciting time ahead of us", says Joakim Örn, VDC Manager, Veidekke Bygg.

For more information, please contact:
Emma Möllerberg - Press officer
Tel: +46 40- 685 29 00


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