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BIMobject Talks with EFAFLEX

EFAFLEX is the global market leader for high-speed doors. The family-owned company seated in Bruckberg employs more than 1,200 staff members world-wide and produces industrial doors in various versions. Since 2016, the company makes its product portfolio available on the BIMobject® Cloud. We spoke to Jan Hauffe, Head of Product Management at EFAFLEX.

“The digitization process is irreversible, that is what we are facing. We thereby see ourselves as learners of BIM. With BIMobject, we have found a competent partner supporting us in understanding BIM processes and the working methods of architects and planners, in positioning ourselves in a new way, expanding our distribution channels, and increasing our sales.”

The Problem

As mechanical engineers, we are confronted with digitization both in our industry as well as in the construction industry. This is a huge transformation process that we understand as an opportunity. The fact that planners have a different need for product information with respect to BIM was not communicated to us directly by our customer. We found out that architects did not find the required information on our website and they did not call us on the phone as they used to in the past. Customer churning was threatened. It was hardly possible to determine and process the needs and interests. Therefore, it was necessary to find and take new approaches.

The Solution

From the very beginning, we intended to address architects in the best possible way and present an architect-savvy solution. Our initial attempts were far from being satisfactory. With the BIMobject Cloud, we were able to find a convincing solution that inspired us significantly on our path towards digitization. The cloud fulfils some decisive quality criteria: it is user-friendly, well-structured and clear. It delivers the information that the planner requires. And it is simple! Simplicity, this is premium class, although it was rather complicated for us to find such simplicity when programming the objects.

The Result

A win-win situation! We deliver those pieces of information to planners that they need for their digital modelling, thus accelerating and simplifying the planning processes. We, in turn, avail of an outstanding marketing research instrument with the BIMobject Cloud combined with BIManalytics®-Core, with which whole new ways of distribution and marketing open up for us.  The number of leads and downloads we are generating speak for themselves. We increased our sales significantly. With BIMobject we have acquired a whole new communication tool for our field service. This is of course also a challenge for our sales force. Because for them – as for all of us – it required a change in thinking!

EFAFLEX - Door and security systems
When the company was established in 1974, EFAFLEX was the first company worldwide dealing exclusively with high-speed doors. Today, the family-owned company seated in the Bavarian town of Bruckberg is a market leader and uncontested leader in the technologies of high-speed doors. EFAFLEX employs more than 1,200 members of staff and offers innovative and creative engineering prowess from Germany and Europe. Their sales network covers all five continents. Their research and development are important elements of the company’s philosophy.

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