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BIMobject talks with Jansen

The tradition-steeped company Jansen seated in Oberriet/Switzerland develops, produces and sells precision steel tubes and steel systems as well as plastic products for the construction industry. Jansen delivers steel profiles for windows, doors and facades to companies all around the globe. The manufacturer joined the BIMobject® Cloud in 2015, and sells their products in Germany through Schüco. We talked to Roger Wollhaupt, Project Manager Digital Solutions at Jansen.

"Industry 4.0 is an evolution. BIM, however, is a revolution as everything changes with BIM. This is why all stakeholders involved in the planning and construction process – from the architect to the producer – are required to find and actively play their new roles."

The Issue

As many other producers in the construction industry, Jansen was confronted with the topic BIM relatively late. "What is BIM? Can you buy that? Do we need that? These were the questions that came up," Roger Wollhaupt laughs, who was put in charge of dealing with BIM. The outcome of his extensive research: One cannot buy BIM, it does not require any resources, but there is no way getting past BIM! As digitization is a top priority at Jansen, the strategic decision to face the trends and promote digitization in the construction industry by means of BIM was made very quickly.

The Path

"A new openness towards competitors was the first, rather unusual step for us: talking with each other in order to jointly get the revolution that is taking place at the moment on the way," Roger Wollhaupt remembers. Producers have a different view on the topic of digitization than architects and the IT industry. Not only being involved, but co-designing is the motto here, which – by the way – also led to the foundation of products for bim."

"The provision of digitized producer-specific product information was no problem for us, as the linking of geometric and producer-specific data was already available. Having looked at a couple of different portals, the decision for BIMobject was quite evident.

Most convincing for us were the level of awareness, the number of users and downloads and in addition the international orientation that is indispensable for Jansen. BIMobject was a playmaker already in 2015 and was able to strengthen their leading position in the meantime even further."

The Outcome

Being represented in the BIMobject Cloud, their own Microsite and the BIManalytics® Core Tool sustainably changed and improved the sales and marketing processes of Jansen. "Having a targeted approach of interested parties, being able to support our customers and quickly react to the demands and wishes of planners (also in product development) around the globe – this has not been possible so far. We get more information about our customers and their demands, and in turn, these customers get digitized product information from us in BIM standard.

Increase in sales thanks to BIM? Well, sure! However, producers that do not decide for BIM have to expect sales losses in the long term.  In an increasing number of countries BIM models are required by the public sector, meaning that many producers can no longer take part in tenders without BIM objects.”

Jansen succeeded in distinguishing themselves for several renovation objects by means of BIM – they contributed, for instance, to the reconstruction of the Battersea Power Station to the Apple headquarters in London.

Jansen AG
Founded in 1923, Jansen AG seated in Oberriet/Switzerland develops, produces and sells welded and drawn precision steel tubes and steel profile systems as well as plastics products for the construction industry. Since 1978, Jansen is also the exclusive Swiss distribution partner of the German Schüco International KG, distributing their aluminium profile systems for the building sector. Today, the Jansen group is 100% family owned. Thanks to state of the production facilities and continuous investments in quality assurance and their people, Jansen products are a synonym for Swiss quality and innovation world-wide. Jansen group employs about 950 members of staff around the globe.

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