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BIMobject talks with their customer, dormakaba

In the year 2015, the two former competitors Dorma and Kaba joined forces to build the dormakaba group which is today one of the global top 3 enterprises for access and security solutions. With its workforce of more than 16,000 employees and several cooperation partners, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services relating to doors and the secure access to buildings and rooms. This producer decided for BIMobject® already in 2012, making their digitized products and solutions available in the cloud. We spoke with Marius Priebe, Project Manager BIM of dormakaba:

“BIM means shaping the future! BIM is the digital interface between the world of planners and architects and the industrial world. It offers opportunities to connect the customers' processes with the manufacturers' processes and to synchronize them.“

The Beginning
Since the end of 2012, dormakaba intensively deals with the topic Building Information Modeling. "When we started looking at this topic, some things were immediately clear to us: BIM will decisively shape the future of the building industry; there is no getting past BIM. Very quickly we became convinced that the changed planning processes would also have consequences for us as manufacturers, and that a change in the way of thinking and in developing new strategies is required on the part of the industry. BIM will change the communication between producers and planners. And this is a huge opportunity for both stakeholders. Dormakaba recognized the signs of the times at an early stage and made BIM a part of their corporate strategy. With BIMobject we have found a partner that efficiently and competently supported us in making available our products to planners and architects in a digitized form.”

The Path
Together with BIMobject, dormakaba succeeded in providing more than simply the download of 3D objects in different graphics formats. For the producer dormakaba BIM first and foremost stands for supporting one's customers with reliable and accurate product data for planning, constructing and managing buildings. "The close cooperation with architects and planners is of particular importance to us. By means of the objects accessible in the BIMobject Cloud, we enable planners to use our products in planning also in complex situations, largely without our support and without profound product knowledge. The specification of the technical framework conditions in the objects thereby prevents bad planning. In this way, the BIM objects serve a better communication and a more profound understanding of the product. Particularly complex products can be explained in a better way by means of these 3D models. Problems, misunderstandings and thus errors in planning can be largely prevented in this way."

The BIM data that were generated for dormakaba products, can help architects to find the most suitable product from the product portfolio already at an early planning phase and to adjust it to the respective situation. “Today, BIM objects are not only a means for conveying information. They extend possibilities by combining product knowledge with the planning requirements, thus enabling the user to plan situations, for which otherwise an expert would have to be consulted”, Marius Priebe stated.


"In order to make BIM a real innovation, it is first and technical framework conditions in the objects thereby foremost up to the producers to cooperate, to think prevents bad planning. In this way, the BIM objects outside the box and look for a dialogue with builders, serve a better communication and a more profound planners and operators. Only then will BIM become understanding of the product. Particularly complex what everyone is hoping for: a real added value.

dormakaba is on the right track with their pioneering work in the field of digital planning support. Going forward, BIM’s impact on the success of a company will increase significantly. BIM will become an important part of the overall digitization strategy and will be involved more strongly in all processes associated therewith. At dormakaba, VR project rooms and mobile Apps were developed, for instance, which allow a new interactive view of the products. Connecting with BIM is only a small and necessary step on the way. Only recently we had our showroom scanned in 3D and inserted the BIM objects hosted on BIMobject here."

dormakaba Germany
dormakaba Deutschland GmbH offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services relating to door keeping as well as safe access to buildings and rooms from a single source. This comprises locking systems, fully interconnected electronic access solutions, physical access and automated door systems, door hinges, fittings, door closers and door stops, time logging, production data acquisition, hotel access systems and high-security locks. With more than 16,000 employees and numerous cooperation partners dormakaba supports customers in more than 130 countries.

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