BIMscript™ a new worldwide standard for objects

Stefan Larsson - 2015-05-29

A smart and open script for objects has been a dream for all, a vision for some, but for us, it is part of our MISSION!

BIM is about collaborative information management and increasing the ability to spread know-how to all parties. Cloud and object technology give us new ways to resolve this going beyond “ordinary” BIM or simple BIM objects that are made out of a set of properties connected to simple geometry and sometimes these properties are without values (object authors want the designers to fill it out!)

A BIM model consists of objects, components, materials and composites all with varying levels of information (more bad than good!). The right place to start to get a richer and more intelligent BIM model that can really calculate waste, energy, logistics, construction processes, bills of materials, clashes and assist in actually design is to make smarter objects. Architects, contractors and engineers understand the real power of having access to all variations, materials, complexities, functionalities and constraints which come from manufacturer specific objects. This information is managed from the manufacturers, where the experts with all this information and know-how can deploy it.

Most manufacturers today are using Mechanical CAD solutions such as Catia, Solidworks, Inventor, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, as well as others with complementary Product Content Management solutions like PDM/PLM to manage all versions, variations and complexity for production purposes.

Today we suffer in the Building Industry, we lag behind major areas such as automotive and aerospace, but we just complain that our software tools and our industry is slow.... Stop complaining, lift up your head and look to the sky. The Cloud. This is the answer where a central database of knowledge already exists in some form. The power to use this knowledge and actually speed up and pass what the PDM/PLM solutions could potentially do for us in our industry…

We can do even better and we have the chance to close the information loop.

With BIMscript™ and LENA our objective is to build an open and well documented standard for the purpose of re-using the information that is already available in the manufacturer's solutions for production. The bathtub you specify today in your projects goes back to manufacturer to be re-produced in their Mechanical CAD/CAM solution, so why don't we do it better and smarter and close the loop?

We open up new technology in a way where we can have a vibrant global community of object developers and also invite all manufacturers to actively start to develop their own objects. This will be the great leap forward, instead of the current closed solutions. Today parties try to get project development and then keep things for themselves, even defining their own standards which then obstructs the community to enter “their” market.

Now we have opened pandora's box and we are letting you all in!

It will be a democracy, where you will be empowered with a script that can develop objects for most of the BIM and 3D CAD softwares with one single standard. One script to rule them all. Properties and metadata are cleverly added in the cloud, so it can be managed by more people in a role-based multi-user environment and support any kind of local classifications system or local property definition schemes such as COBie or BIP. Objects will not only have LOD, they will also have LOI, Level of Information, more data can be added downstream in the construction process within the cloud environment.

And it doesn't stop there!

With BIMscript™ objects will be able to have configurations, material selections, running calculations, all to serve the engineers and specifiers with better, more accurate knowledge.

And we just got started!

The future will enable a common user interface, more and smarter parametric transformations and of course more file formats (both in and out)will be compatible with BIMscript™. Finally since BIMscript™ will be 3D WebGL, this enables all the variations and configurations including LODs to be evaluated and chosen in any web browser on any device. Static file formats will get a new life, since we can make the configurations in the cloud and generate the object file format on the fly. IFC is the perfect example where WebGL will enable configurations without the need of having parametric IFC files.

So, join us in our quest to bring the mechanical CAD world closer to our BIM world. The result is that we will all enjoy great benefits regardless how we use BIM and where we are in the process.

SPEED UP and join the revolution

Stefan Larsson
CEO and Founder of BIMobject®


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