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Combining light and innovation with K.LINE

We had a chat with Mr. Didier Viaud, Marketing Director of K.LINE France and he gave us the vision of the company and how the digitalization of K.LINE doors and windows products is customers oriented.

12 500 windows per week

K.LINE, created in 1997, has become the 1st manufacturer in France of windows of all materials. K.LINE, belongs to the LIEBOT group which owns 11 companies based mainly in France. The LIEBOT group has two activities: industrial windows and facade. K.LINE is present in Spain, Poland (with a production plant) and Italy (with a commercial structure). 

Since 1965, André Liébot has been a visionary, anticipating trends better than others and imagining the future, offering aluminium windows in collective and/or individual housing. K.LINE is a French company, located in the west of France, in Les Herbiers and owns 6 factories, 5 of which are in Les Herbiers and 1 in the Ain plain.

K.LINE only produces "made-to-measure" windows and offers a wide choice in terms of size, colour, and shading, whether for fixed framed windows, sliding and hinge windows, swing and glazed doors, etc. Each week, 12,500 windows are produced.

K.LINE has bet to work with a dynamic network of installers, an artisanal network as close as possible to the final consumer.  K.LINE products cover all markets, from individual and collective housing to residential and tertiary buildings, both new and renovated.

Doors and windows K.LINE

The K.LINE window offers more than light

Windows are an item of daily use and must be able to reconcile thermal insulation, acoustic performance and PMR regulations. It must make the most of solar gain in winter and protect in summer by shading out the sun in hot weather...

Having chosen aluminium, one of the most environmentally friendly materials, throughout its life cycle, K.LINE is committed to a sustainable and responsible approach. 100% recyclable with no degradation of its properties, its recycling requires little energy and is part of structured reprocessing processes.

K. LINE aims to make life more comfortable, more economical, more aesthetic, brighter and perhaps, quite simply, more beautiful for each of its customers. K. LINE as a leader in the window sector follows and develops major innovations.

Innovation is part of K.LINE's identity.

Combining light, high insulation and design has always led K.LINE on the path of R&D. Innovation is the guideline for K.LINE's continuous growth.

Making the window smart, connected is the aim of K.LINE Smart Home: to be constantly informed about the security status of your home thanks to the integrated locking sensors, remote concealment, programming an alarm, ventilation to facilitate indoor air quality, ...

Ongoing innovation at K.LINE has been proven over the years by :

  • window with hidden opening (1995),
  • bicolour (1997),
  • the breathable hidden opening (2001),
  • the GraphiK System ® monoblock door (2009),
  • a new sliding window (2011),
  • a new hidden opening window (2013),
  • the BSO bay block (2014),
  • the insulated galandage bay (2015),
  • K.LINE Smart Home (2016)
  • Window connected - DVI (2018) ...
Smart Home K.LINE

Innovation also involves developing support tools available to customers and providing them with services associated with ordering products online.

In order to meet the needs of professional contacts, builders and specifiers (architects, design offices, economists), K.LINE has developed its products in BIM format.

An innovative and committed player in BIM

Before moving into BIM, Didier and his teams analysed and monitored market developments and carried out an in-depth market analysis.

In 2016, K.LINE decided to outsource the development of its first BIM objects to BIMobject. They will be developed in ARCHICAD and Revit formats. K.LINE formats and will be unveiled at the Equip'Baie exhibition in 2016. Then, K.LINE internalized the development of the products on Revit with Sylvain Merlet, BIM Manager within K.LINE.

From the very beginning, K.LINE has been able to create a dynamic around BIM and its products, with training and demonstrations to accompany its customers in the adoption of BIM.

During the various trade shows of the profession, such as the BATIMAT show in 2017, K.LINE has set up demonstrations, and modeled the stand to raise awareness of the prescription. K.LINE took part in the BIM World exhibition alongside BIMobject in 2019.

K.LINE has also built the extension of its head office in BIM by working with the agency AIA, Architectes Ingénieurs Associés. This project includes two 2,000 m2 floors, a 400-space car park, a cafeteria, an amphitheatre ... In the specifications, part of the project was requested in BIM. The project manager and the companies (about 25) had to be likely to work in BIM and to answer in BIM. The project was delivered in May 2019

 "It was an exciting experience and one that led companies to BIM."

Many actors do not yet work in BIM given the human and financial investments that it requires of them at the outset.

BIMobject, the partner K.LINE

K.LINE has chosen to publish its products on the BIMobject platform.

K.LINE doors and windows BIM objects on BIMobject

"We are very satisfied with the relationship with the BIMobject teams, both the technical teams who have been with us from the start and the sales teams. The platform offers K.LINE a wide visibility among specifiers" declares Didier Viaud.

K.LINE has also made its BIM objects available to professionals and specifiers on its website. The objects are linked to the BIMobject technology and guarantee a permanent update. Access K.LINE BIM objects via the Specifying section on the K.LINE website

Visit the K.LINE website and discover their ranges

Browse and download the 122 K.LINE product families on the BIMobject platform

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