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Interview with architect Maria Campanati (TALLY WEiJL)

We interviewed Maria Campanati, architect in Tally Weijil. She graduated from the Politecnico of Milan in 2016. During her university career she participated in the Erasmus program at the "Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile". She worked two years in an architectural firm in Milan that deals with the design of residential and business buildings. Currently, Maria is designing the TALLY WEiJL fashion stores from the Basel office.

Why did you choose using BIMobject and what are your goals with it?

The speed, the reduced margin of error, being able to create 3D and very realistic views in an easy way are fundamental objectives for the design of shops in a short time. First I started using Revit in early 2019 thanks to TALLY WEiJL, before that I used AutoCad. But now I use a cloud platform because many times it is much more convenient for me to have a base to work on.

How do you usually use BIMobject?

I use it to design interiors and external facades of TALLY WEijL stores (from 100sqm to 500sqm approximately). I import a CAD drawing, redesign the shop in Revit and work simultaneously on plans, elevations, sections, 3D and views. It is of great value to be able to import different materials and images in order to customize the shop's finishes and coatings. In cases of shop refurbishment and "demolitions” or “redevelopments" it is also a really easy, fast and intuitive way for those who have to use the drawings on site. BIMobject is also important for counting surfaces, materials, furnishings, etc. for the purpose of cost estimation.

How is BIMobject helping your business?

It helps my business by finding drawings and models that are easily readable by everyone, but at the same time maintaining a high technical level.

What are the opportunities that BIMobject is offering you? 

The ability to have everything I need in one simple click.

How does your business become more sustainable thanks to BIMobject? 

Giving the possibility to multiple users to work on the same file to manage everything digitally.

Ana Patricia Martínez Menéndez • Sep 22, 2020

Elise Monot • Sep 16, 2020


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