Marine Guenot from BCG speaks at BIMobject LIVE 2017

Nina Quist - 2017-10-03

We are proud to present Marine Guenot, manager at Boston Consulting Group and author of reports about BIM and the construction industry, as one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, October 10-11.

In her day to day work, Marine works with people in the industry who are shaping their digital strategy. If many of them are taking a cautious approach, some players are making bolder moves. In her speech at BIMobject LIVE 2017, Marine Guenot will focus on two things - first; how the construction industry has been lagging behind but is now ready to go through the digital revolution, and secondly; how building materials players can take advantage of digitalisation in order to thrive and stay ahead.

“It’s understandable that people are nervous, because digitalisation will affect every part of every company. With BIM, new skills and new processes will be needed, and things like Total Cost of Ownership Analysis are added to the equation”, she says.

Marine stresses the importance of embracing BIM as an opportunity, and of applying a long term perspective on the initial cost and effort it requires to adapt.

“The construction industry forms an important pillar in society, and if we look at the industry today we can see that in many ways, not much has changed over the last 50 years. Productivity is low and has even decreased. It’s only very recently that the wave of digitalisation, that has affected almost every industry, is beginning to have an actual impact in the world of construction.”

Marine underlines that most of the technology are mature for construction industry, and that we are now at a place where it’s time to make use of it.

“We see more and more digital start-ups getting into the construction business, competing with traditional building materials players. The technology needed to work with AR, VR and 3D printing in construction is readily available, and BIM is at the centre of all of this. Without BIM, we cannot make use of any of it. Another trend is the use of precast and pre-assemblable models - techniques that also rely heavily on BIM.”

Marine Guenot sees the real gain for building product manufacturers in the fact that with these new ways of working, and with platforms like BIMobject, they can start marketing their products much earlier in the value chain and showcase their full value of ownership.

“Entering with products early in the design processes allows companies to really gain new market share, and many are already taking advantage of this.”

In her speech at BIMobject LIVE 2017, Marine will share her insights and experiences from an international career focusing on BIM, and she will develop on the importance of turning words into action.

“At BCG, through our subsidiary Digital Ventures, we have already built several digital ventures for construction players. We have also built the ICO Factory in Paris, where we experiment with the latest technologies, and we work with our GAMMA data scientists to develop algorithms to improve planning and plant operations for several building materials manufacturers.”

Marine will give real world examples of the gains to be made from making BIM a strategic priority, and of the opportunities that are unleashed when companies start going beyond object libraries and really become integral players in the construction process.


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