“More and more design offices are working in BIM”

Elise Monot - 2018-11-28

The French manufacturer Aldes initiated their BIM approach at the end of 2014. We had a chat with Sandra Colonnese-Delaere, Customer Expertise Center Manager and Kasem Baysakul, Marketing Data Manager at Aldes, about the implementation and management of BIM.  

Founded in France in 1925, Aldes is a multi-brand group and a world leader in air quality solutions. With 17 global subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and the  Middle East/Indian Ocean, today Aldes employs 1500 people worldwide. Committed to creating healthy living environments, Aldes delivers solutions for ventilation, purification, heating & cooling, fire protection, and central vacuum cleaning.

“Three years ago, we launched our new signature #HealthyLiving. It embodies our commitment to clean air and to enabling occupants to control room temperature. We want to guarantee optimal safety, while sustainably reducing energy consumption in buildings”, says Sandra.

Communication across the value chain

Aldes initiated their BIM approach at the end of 2014,  To take the lead on the BIM topic, in November 2015 we launched our own BIM objects download platform "Aldes CAD Library". We were one of the first manufacturers in our industry to get involved in the subject of BIM at the time. After benchmarking BIM objects platforms, Aldes’ products have been present in the BIMobject Cloud since November 2017.

“We knew that in the coming years, it would become increasingly important for manufacturers to present products in smart 3D, to meet public procurement tenders in the construction sector”.

BIM allows Aldes to communicate with all stakeholders of the value chain, and through all stages of design, construction and maintenance.

“We usually work with a whole range of different of customers: builders, technical design offices, distributors, specifiers, architects, installers. Our main contacts are design managers, technicians, and sales representatives”, says Sandra.

The challenge of change management  

Committing to a BIM strategy meant facing the challenge of change management internally.

“We had to educate our employees about BIM, and we had to choose the right formats and the right level of detail”, Sandra explains.

There were also other issues to be dealt with, such as choosing the right service provider and deciding on what data should be made available for customers.

“BIMobject has a good reputation thanks to its international presence and helps to make our products known to customers worldwide. By publishing our objects on BIMobject Cloud, we have noticed a 20% increase in the number of global downloads”, says Kasem.

A growing demand for BIM content

BIM modeling has been an integral part of Aldes’ product launch plan since 2016, and the demand for BIM content is constantly growing.

“We find that more and more design offices are working with digital mock-ups and BIM projects”, says Sandra.

For the coming years, Sandra and Kasem see three main challenges that need to be addressed.

“We need to create links between PIM and BIM, we need to decide which rich data to use for which purposes and we need to evolve and apply the European nomenclature and classifications”.

Sandra and Kasem believe that today, all parties in construction are aware both of the importance and the challenges of BIM.

“The sooner you become interested in BIM and its stakes, the easier it will be. Implementing a BIM policy requires the allocation of budgets, in-house skills, team training and the choice of good service providers it is an approach that cannot be improvised”, says Kasem.


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