The first BIMobject® Content Style Guides are published!

Louise Otto - 2018-08-27

High-quality content makes all the difference. Regardless of one’s profession in the AEC industry, no matter the stage of the BIM process, having all the data in consistent presentation is key to a smooth workflow. That’s why the BIMobject team put together their best advice for creating great content to form the BIMobject® Content Style Guides. The first two parts cover ideal content development for the BIMobject® Cloud and for Revit. The guides are free to download from the BIMobject® Cloud.

Building on the legacy of the existing Autodesk Revit guide, the BIMobject® Content Style Guides pave the way for standardised content that can be used in all disciplines and all BIM systems across the AEC industry. For content developers, they’re handy tools to help create future proof and life cycle-optimised BIM content that is easy to update and maintain.

Ben O'Donnell, CTO at BIMobject, sees the guides as an opportunity to improve the industry by making the team's expertise available for everybody:

“The Content Style Guides give us the chance to share knowledge gathered from over thirty years of content creation for the industry and provide concrete advice for developers who want to make sure that the content they create is what BIM professionals want."

Coming guides will cover other industry-leading BIM softwares, such as ARCHICAD, and BIMobject’s own solution for parametric content creation, BIMscript®. Any future updates to the Content Style Guides will be sent straight to the users' BIMobject® Mail, so they can be sure they always have the latest version.

The BIMobject® Content Style Guide for the BIMobject® Cloud can be downloaded here

The BIMobject® Content Style Guide for Revit can be downloaded here


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