Condair HumiLife RH - Residential Steam Humidifier

Life is in the Air

Forget everything you ever knew about humidifiers: Condair HumiLife solutions bring genuine quality of life to your home.

Whole-home Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifiers have been used for decades to humidify the air in industrial facilities, hospitals and large office buildings. Condair HumiLife’s whole-home steam humidifier brings this technology to smaller settings like family homes and apartments. The air humidification system generates odourless and hygienic vapour.

How does a steam humidifier work?

Air humidification using steam can be controlled very precisely and hygienically due to the high water temperature. Expansive electrodes with a special lattice structure enable quick and efficient steam generation. The water level in the steam cylinder is adjusted automatically to control the steam output required under any conditions. The generated steam is fed through a hose or a nozzle and into the air duct humidify the entire home.

No refilling of water

The system is connected directly to the home’s water supply to ensure a steady supply of water used for humidification, without any manual replenishment of water.

Hygiene quality with steam

Steam air humidification uses water vapour at temperatures of 212 °F (100 °C). This reliably kills all germs and bacteria and ensures hygienic air humidification.

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