Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2
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Parans Solar Collector SP4-12.2

This is the Parans System SP4 12.2

The Parans system follow the sun during the day, just like a sunflower, and uses every hour of sun. Fibre optic cables leads the precious sunlight in and through the property and spreads the light in all rooms. This way sunlight can be experienced deep into buildings and far away from windows...even 30 floors down...

Modular concept

The fourth generation Paranslight – SP4 – is a modular system which means that it can easily be adapted and expanded to provide the desired room with sunlight. Start by providing sunlight to one conference room and end up with the entire office, from floor 1 to floor 30. You may choose between eight and up to 40 light points per system.

The name of the sunlight collector is SP4 and it is available in five different sizes. The models are SP4-8.2, SP4-12.2, SP4-16.2, SP4-24.2 and SP4-40.2. The number explains how many cables there are per system. The cables are led into the building and one cable is equal to one light point. The cable length is totally customized which means that each cable could have its unique cable length – up to 100 meters.

The sun's healthy full spectrum light

The SP4 has high-tech fibre optic cables that leads the sunlight up to 100 meters (328 feet) into the building. The quality of the cables allows the light quality – the visible part of the healthy full spectrum light – and luminosity to retain all the way to the light point indoors.

• Full spectrum light means that all the good wavelengths of visible light is brought into the building.

• The full spectrum light affects the circadian rhythm; keeping our hormone levels of melatonin and cortisol in just the right balance. This helps us feel alert during daytime, and sleepy at night.

• Full spectrum light – the highest quality available – gives a positive feeling as the sun is associated with the source of light and life on earth.

• The light via the SP4 system is dynamic and continuous – meaning there is no flickering light that can otherwise cause headaches.

Value Increasing

Parans Light makes it possible for a building to be daylight approved 
 - with or without windows.

The technology allows for higher scores and grades of certification associated with
Green Buildings, such as WELL and LEED.

Increased property value

The cables of the SP4 are thin and flexible, which means that they can lead light both vertically and horizontally and no structural intervention in the property needs to be done. This means that no rentable space needs to be occupied, but also that unattractive spaces could become rentable because healthy sunlight may be lead to almost every room where people are working and learning.

No IR or UV radiation

Only the visible part of the sunlight is transported into the building, the IR and UV radiations are filtered away outdoors. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked and the Parans light does not fade colors and harm material like UV radiation does.

Connected to the cloud 24/7
Parans Cloud enables global monitoring of all installed systems for maximum up-time of the system.

- Providing valuable data such as savings, up-time, sun hours, weather data 
 and more.

- Enabling data integrations such as smart building integration and dashboard:

- GPS-tracking and sun sensor enabling maximum capturing of sunlight throughout the year

- Enable higher service levels with service interface for technicians providing performance data and remote control and software upgrades

High Quality Installations & Service

All installations are performed by a Parans Certified Installer. 

All Service & Support is performed by a Parans Certified Service Technician.

  • Parans System SP4 12.2 (Parans Article No. 10297)

    To maximize the full potential of the Parans’ solutions in your design we provide natural lighting design and assistance for both new and retrofit projects. We include natural light design calculations, space layout (on the roof and indoors), technical specifications.

    The system comes with 12 high-tech fiber optical cables. This means 12 light points indoors.

    Light output (lm) per cable*: 700 lumen (depending on cable length)

    Light output (lm)*per system: 8 400 lumen

    Maximum cable length: 100 meters (customized for each cable)

    Fiber optic cable diameter: 6 mm

    Minimun bending radius: 180 mm

    Power supply: 100-250 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1 cable per system

    Power consumption: 0-12 W

    Operating Temperature: -20°C – +50°C

    Materials:  Aluminium, Steel, Glass, Acrylic, PE

    IP raiting (electronics): IP65

    Connection: Web Interface (GPRS/3G/4G)

    * All values are based on solar illuminance of 100 000 Lux and dependent on the cable length.


Technical specification
  • Unique ref.Parans-Solar-Collector-SP4-12-2
  • Collection setDaylighting
  • CollectionActive daylighting system
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2020-06-24
  • Edition number1
  • Height (mm)940
  • Width (mm)1110
  • Material mainAluminium
  • Material secondarySteel
  • Designed inSweden
  • Manufactured inSweden
  • Weight Net (Kg)65
  • BIMobject CategoryLighting - Natural
  • IFC classificationLight Fixture