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Pure Light

Unique ref.: pure-light
Brand: Parans
Product family: Daylighting
Product group: Luminaire Ceiling Diffusers
Width (mm): 595
Height (mm): 110
Depth (mm): 595
Date of publishing: 2020-06-24
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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Our luminaire Pure Light spreads the natural sunlight från Parans solar collector, the SP4 collector. The luminiare needs to always be combined with a SP4 system (Parans solar collector).

The luminaire is integrated in the inner ceiling and fits standard tile ceilings with exchangeable modules of 60×60 cm (2×2 feet). It is an easy way of having sunlight indoors.

The luminaire Pure Light is also available with hybrid technology and we then call it the Hybrid Light. This luminaire is also integrated in the inner ceiling and fits standard tile ceilings with exchangeable modules of 60×60 cm (2×2 feet). The luminaire Hybrid Light combines real sunlight with energy efficient LED light. It gives a healthy and pleasant experience of daylight. The combination of light sources gives a complete lighting solution: when the sun is not shining, the electrical light comes from the same light fixture. The LED-light consumes 15W. The Hybrid Light can be complemented with DALI/DSI driver for use with these systems.  

The luminaire is not available only as a luminaire, but must be combined with the active daylighting solar collector SP4. The SP4 has high-tech fiber optic cables that leads the sunlight up to 100 meters (328 feet) into the building. The quality of the cables allows the light quality – the visible part of the healthy full spectrum light – and luminosity to retain all the way to the luminaires indoors.

Pure Light (Article No. 10206)

To maximize the full potential of the Parans’ solutions in your design we provide natural lighting design and assistance for both new and retrofit projects. We include natural light design calculations, space layout (on the roof and indoors), technical specifications.

For the Pure Light two fiber optical cables are used per luminaire.

The Pure Light has natural light out put: 1 400 -2 200 lumen per luminaire (700-1100 lumen/per cable).*

Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 100 mm

Weight: 7 kg 

Material: PMMA, PC and Steel. 

Recess depth: 300 mm.

Hybrid Light (Article No. 10207)

The Hybrid Light  two fiber optical cables are used per luminaire.

The Hybrid Light has natural light out put: 1 400 -2 200 lumen per luminaire (700-1100 lumen/per cable).*

The LED light output is 990 lumen and the LED power consumption is 15W.

Hybrid Light dimensions: 595 x 595 x 100 mm

Weight: 7 kg

Material: PMMA, PC and Steel.

Recess depth: 300 mm.

*All values are based on solar illuminance of 100 000 Lux and dependent on length of optical cable.

Material main: Acrylic
Material secondary: Sheet metal
Designed in: Sweden
Manufactured in: Sweden
Weight Net (Kg): 7

BIMobject Category: Windows - Fiber Optic Daylighting
IFC classification: Light Fixture
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  • Hong Kong
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