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The BIMobject® Press room

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  • Month: August 2014
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    Italian manufacturer Friul Mosaic – launches their products as BIM objects

    Friul Mosaic is an italian brand and a leading manufacturer in artistic mosaics for floors and walls, customized and characterized by noble and precious materials. The company has been working for over three decades beside professionals and clients to provide unique solutions, combining tradition, innovation, creativity and artisan skills. Friul Mosaic respond to a demand from architects and designers to have their mosaic as BIM objects. Therefore Friul Mosaic decided to enter into a cooperation with BIMobject®

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    BIMobject AB: Half-year report - second quarter 2014

    BIMobject® wins major international key contracts

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    Bjerg innovation strengthens the BIMobject® presence in Denmark

    Bjerg innovation is the research and development department of Bjerg Arkitektur A/S - a leading Danish architectural company with extensive Passive House knowledge. For the last ten years Bjerg Innovation has developed and integrated state of the art BIM and Passive House knowledge into its building projects, and also to other colleagues throughout the Danish building industry.

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    Monodraught’s innovative Cool-phase system now available as BIM objects

    Monodraught® is a leader in designing, developing and manufacturing products which help reduce cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint. Monodraught has delivered design, manufacturing and market solutions to thousands of projects in the UK and around the world.

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    The BIMobject® App 2.0 now ready for Trimble Sketchup

    BIMobject® announces that the new version of the BIMobject® App 2.0 for Trimble Sketchup is ready and available for download at the Trimble Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

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