Sliding System ASS 50 FD.NI

Unique ref.: Schueco_ASS_50_fd_ni
Brand: Schüco
Product family: Sliding Systems (ASS / ASE)
Product group: Folding Sliding Door
Depth (mm): 50
Date of publishing: 2018-12-19
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)

Sliding system with a basic depth of 50 mm as FD (Folding Door)

The non-insulated Schüco ASS 50 FD.NI folding sliding system offers a wide range of uses in residential, commercial and public areas thanks to a large selection of types and the optional flat threshold.

    • Vent weights up to 55 kg possible
    • Units can be moved to the right, to the left, inwards or outwards, as required
    • Option of flush threshold profile for commercial premises
    • Can be used as balcony glazing

    Schüco ASS 50 FD.NI, non-insulated, aluminium, folding/sliding door system
    With 50 mm basic depth, for indoor components and components to which no thermal insulation requirements pertain.

    Design features:

    The vent loads (max. 55 kg) are transferred by roller carriages to the top of the structure, where a structural expansion profile incorporating adjustable suspension devices must be provided. On the sill, the structure is provided with a* flush-mounted / surface-mounted aluminium threshold to accommodate the guide rollers fitted to the vent frame. The seal between outer and vent frames is provided by rebate gaskets or two bubble gaskets. Perlon brush profiles with stainless steel mountings on the back are positioned on the sill.

    Profile basic depths:

    Outer frame 50 mm
    Vent frame (folding/sliding door) 50 mm

    Profile face widths:

    Outer frame 29 mm
    Vent frame (folding/sliding door) 60 mm
    Vent frame (pass door, inward-opening) 66 mm
    Vent frame (pass door, outward-opening) 88 mm
    Vent sash bar 68 mm
    *Only for covered systems

    Material main: Aluminium
    Material secondary: Glass
    Designed in: Germany
    Manufactured in: Germany

    BIMobject Category: Doors - Sliding
    IFC classification: Door
    UNSPSC name: Doors
    UNSPSC code: 301715
    Code: SS-25-30-20-78
    Description: Sliding Folding Doorset Systems
    Uniclass 2015 Code: Ss_25_30_20_77
    Uniclass 2015 Description: Sliding doorset systems
    Code: 25-30-20-78
    Description: Sliding Folding Doorset Systems

    BIMobject SEEK Properties

    Doors - Sliding

    Name Value
    Door Style Folding Sliding Door
    Fabrication Method Bonding of vent
    Glazing Thickness 8 mm — 30 mm
    Hurricane Resistant Tested False
    Integrates With Windows True
    Material Aluminium
    Maximum Door Height 2500 mm
    Maximum Door Width 1000 mm
    Method Of Operation Folding Sliding
    Pre-Assembled Door And Frame False
    Sidelight Operable False
    Thermal Break True
    Thickness 50 mm

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    Name Value
    Material Aluminium
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