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Door Firestop ADS 80 FR 30, Outward opening

Unique ref.: Schueco_door_ads_80_fr_30
Brand: Schüco
Product family: Security Systems
Product group: Fire & Smoke Protection
Depth (mm): 80
Date of publishing: 2016-09-21
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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Fire protection door system with a basic depth of 80 mm in FR 30

The proven Schüco ADS 80 FR 30 door system with a basic depth of 80 mm, which is based on highly stable 5-chamber hollow profiles, features impressive versatility in terms of smoke and fire resistance.

  • Internal use of side-hung door drives
  • Attractive appearance even in door rebate area due to well-concealed intumescent strips
  • Sound reduction
  • Safety barrier loading
  • Opposed opening door
  • Clear opening height approved up to 2988 mm
  • Predominantly compatible with the Schüco ADS Door Systems

Schüco ADS 80 FR 30, thermally broken aluminium system for EI 30 fire protection barriers, in accordance with EN 1634-1 / 1363-1 / DIN 4102 and EN 1634-3 / DIN 18095 with a basic depth of 80 mm.

  • Fire protection barrier (EI 30), T 30-1 RS, approval certificate no.: Z-6.20-1888
  • Permissible dimensions, width (clear opening width) 460 mm to 1400 mm, height 1648 mm to 2988 mm.
  • Fire protection barrier (EI 30), T 30-2 RS, approval certificate no.: Z-6.20-1888
  • Permissible dimensions, width (clear opening width) 940 mm to 2820 mm, height 1648 mm to 2988 mm.
  • Fire-resistant glazing (EI 30), F 30, approval certificate no.: Z-19.14-1830
  • Maximum permissible height of the fire-resistant glazing = 4500 mm
  • Maximum permissible width of the fire-resistant glazing = unlimited
  • Maximum permissible pane / panel dimensions in portrait format: 1400 x 3000 mm
  • Maximum permissible pane / panel dimensions in landscape format: 2430 x 1400 mm
  • Maximum permissible pane size for safety barrier glazing: 1200 x 2200 mm

Design features:

  • 5-chamber aluminium hollow profiles.
  • Fire boards must be inserted in accordance with the system specifications.
  • Multi-purpose groove for push-in fixing of fittings (locks, security pins, electric strike, mounting anchor, barrel hinge).
  • Only tested fire-resistant glass and/or infills that are listed in the approval may be used.
  • In the rebate area of the outer/leaf frames, coated intumescent strips are inserted in the multi-purpose groove.
  • All fire-resistant glass and/or infills are sealed in using external and internal EPDM gaskets.
  • The sill is sealed by a gasket that lowers automatically when the door is closed.
  • The fire-resistant doors must be smoke-proof in accordance with EN 1634-3 / DIN 18095.

Where the construction is used as an outer component (fire-resistant glazing only), corresponding rebate base ventilation and the required additional measures must be carried out in accordance with the approval. The attachments to building structure must be made in accordance with requirements in the outside area.

Profile basic depths:

  • Outer frame, mullion, transom,leaf frame, sill 80 mm
  • Mullion (reinforced) 140 mm

Profile face widths:

  • Outer frame / sill, bottom 106 / 150 mm
  • Outer frame, side and top 69 mm
  • Mullion 94 mm
  • Transom 94 mm
  • Leaf frame (outward-opening) 98 mm
  • Leaf frame (inward-opening) 73 mm
  • Leaf profile, bottom 142 mm
  • Outer frame extension 44 mm

The door leaves must have a four-sided mitre-cut leaf profile.

Material main: Aluminium
Material secondary: Glass
Designed in: Germany
Manufactured in: Germany

BIMobject Category: Doors - Fire Doors & Shutters
IFC classification: Door
UNSPSC name: Fire protection
UNSPSC code: 4619
Uniclass 2.0 Code: SS-25-30-20-20
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Doorset Systems
Uniclass 2015 Code: Ss_25_30_20_25
Uniclass 2015 Description: Doorset systems
NBS Reference Code: 25-30-20-20
NBS Reference Description: Doorset Systems