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Tollco Set with pipe collars, bushing, sealtape

Tollco Set with pipe collars, bushing, sealtape

Tollco Set with; Tollco bushing for dishwasher hoses in the sink cabinet. Tollco collar provides a waterproof pipe penetration and is used in the kitchen sink cabinet for both water pipes and drain pipes. Tollco sealing with 4 different types of seals. The white polyisobutylene sealing tape is single-sided for sealing pipe penetrations around pipes and over joints and cracks. The black sealing tape is double-sided. It is used to seal joints between 2 materials, e.g. the cabinet bottom and the Tollco Sink liner for cabinets. The grey sealing compound is shapable and easily seals screw holes or can be wound around pipes and in cracks. Tollco Sealing strip seal the sides, place the sealing strip against both the countertop insert and the sides of the countertop cabinet to be sealed. The PE protective film should remain on the sealing strip after installation.

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.tollco-set-with-pipe-collars-bushing-sealtape
  • Product familyTollco Sealing Kit
  • Product groupSealing
  • Date of publishing2021-10-14
  • Edition number1
  • Height (mm)60
  • Width (mm)250
  • Depth (mm)240
  • Material mainPolybutylene
  • Designed inSweden
  • Manufactured inSweden
  • Weight Net (Kg)0.53
  • BIMobject CategoryBuilding Materials - Waterproofing & Membranes

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