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RES DSK Light cdu

RES DSK Light cdu

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Daiseikai Light was born from the commitment of Toshiba engineers to offer ideal and personalized comfort, creating a pleasant environment, with particular attention to air quality. In fact, Daiseikai Light is equipped with an ionizer, capable of attracting the particles of smoke, dust and bad smells that remain in the air and removing them. Combined with the Self-Cleaning function and with the special coating of the Magic Coil battery, this unit guarantees healthy air circulation, as well as the highest performance over time. The range consists of 6 sizes, from 2.5 kW to 7.0 kW, and has an operating range from -15 ° C in heating up to + 46 ° C in cooling, making it the ideal companion for every period of the year. Daiseikai Light reflects the values ​​that characterize Toshiba's Natur32 philosophy: equipped with low GWP R32 gas to minimize environmental impact but without affecting performance. Daiseikai Light, like all Natur32 products, achieves high performance values, with SEER up to 7.30 (size 18) and with SCOP up to 4.60 (sizes 10 and 13) with energy class A ++ / A ++ (sizes 10 and 13 ) and A ++ / A +. The Daiseikai Light functions are designed to allow the user to achieve ideal comfort and to achieve energy savings: Comfort Sleep function: allows you to save energy at night, automatically control the flow of air and automatically turn off the unit Power Select function: limits the maximum consumption of energy and electricity to 100%, 75% or 50%, so as not to think on the meter in the case of simultaneous operation with other appliances Hi Power function: speeds up room cooling and heating ECO function: automatically adjusts the room temperature setting, in order to save energy Preset function: allows you to set the preferred operating mode, in order to be able to select it in the future Quiet function: to increase the silence of the indoor unit Silent function for outdoor unit: to reduce the sound power level of the outdoor unit On Demand Defrost function: to perform defrosting of the outdoor unit in extreme weather conditions Fireplace function: allows you to keep the fan of the indoor unit running continuously while the heating is turned off, to circulate the heat from other sources inside the room Antifreeze function: allows you to set a constant temperature between 5 ° C and 13 ° C with lower energy consumption; perfect to use outside the home to find a pleasant climate on your return 3D Air Flow function: manages the air flow in 6 different air distributions (available for sizes 18, 22, 24) Furthermore, from the remote control it is possible to set the weekly programming and the daily timer to manage the operation of the unit during specific times of the day. The indoor units of Daiseikai Light are available both for combinations in single-split systems and in multi-split systems (with the exception of size 18). Even when you are away from home, you can remotely control your air conditioner, thanks to the Toshiba Home AC Control app, available on Google Play and AppStore. Thanks to this app, it will be like having the Daiseikai Light remote control on your smartphone and tablet. Check in the technical data the systems that can benefit from 65% Tax Deductions and the Thermal Account
  • Main features Range consisting of 6 sizes - from 2.5 kW to 7.0 kW Equipped with ionizer High SEER and SCOP performance Energy class A ++ / A ++ in cooling and heating (sizes 10 and 13) and A ++ / A + (all others) Internal B-Code units for monosplit and multisplit systems (except size 18) Quiet: up to 22 dB (A) Modern design with LED indicators Magic Coil and Self-Cleaning Function Thermal account and tax deduction of 65% and 50% Wi-Fi remote control via App (optional - accessory sold separately)
Technical specification
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  • Product familyHVAC - Residential: air to air
  • Product groupOutdoor unit
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  • Date of publishing2020-06-09
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