Style 741 Vic-Flange® Adapter ANSI Class 125/150

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Brand: Victaulic
Product family: Piping Methods
Product group: Pipework Fittings
Designed in: United States
Manufactured in: United States
Date of publishing:2012-12-17
Edition number: 1

Product description

Style 741 Vic-Flange® adapter is designed for directly incorporating flanged components with ANSI CL. 125 or CL. 150/PN10 and PN16 or Australian Standard Table “E” bolt hole patterns into a grooved pipe system. Sizes 2 - 12"/50 - 300 mm are hinged for easy handling with integral end tabs which facilitate assembly. Sizes 14 - 24"/350 - 600 mm are cast in four (4) identical segments which are interconnected as assembly is completed.

The design incorporates small teeth inside the key shoulder I.D. to prevent rotation (excluding 159 mm size). These teeth should be removed when Vic-Flange adapter is utilized with a Victaulic Series 700 grooved end butterfly valve, Schedule 5 pipe or plastic pipe.

Vic-Flange adapter Style 741 is not recommended for use with Victaulic Series 709 butterfly valves (contact Victaulic for recommendations). They may only be used on one side of Victaulic Series 700 butterfly valve, sizes 2 - 4"/50 - 100 mm fitted with standard or lever-lock handles. Vic-Flange adapter must be assembled so it does not interfere with handle operation.


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