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Press fittings for A/C and refrigeration, Coupling F/F, cu

Número de Artículo: Kylpresskopplingar_Dubbelmuff_cu
Fabricante: Altech
Familia del producto: Press Fittings
Grupo del producto: AC and refrigeration
Fecha de publicación: 2018-06-13
Número de edición: 1
Tipo: Objeto (objeto simple)
Descarga (1)
This product is only available for the Swedish market.

Altech Press fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Made of copper, UNS C12200 with a purity of at least 99.9 %. O-ring in HNBR. The fittings are pressed with MaxiPro Pressjaws together with press tools NOVIPro Compact, NOVIPro Compact TT, Romax Compact and Romax Compact TT.

Pipe standard: The press fittings can be used for both hard, half hard and annealed copper pipes made according to standard EN 12735-1 or ASTM-B280.

Maximum working pressure: 48 bar, 4 800 kPa, 800 psig

Operating Temperature: -40 oC to 121 oC

This product is only available for the Swedish market.

Approvals and standards:
UL 207
UL 109-7 Pull test
UL 109-8 Vibration test
UL 1963-79 Tests of gaskets and seals used in refrigerant systems
ISO 5149-2, EN 378-2
EN 14276-2 Type burst proof test
EN 16084 Tightness test
ISO 14903, EN 16084 Tightness test
ISO 14903, EN 16084 Temperature, pressure, cycling and vibration test
SO 14903, EN 16084 Freeze/thaw test
ASTM G85 Salt spray (fog) test

Material principal: Copper
Material secundario: Rubber
Diseñado en: Spain
Fabricado en: Spain

Categoría BIMobject: Fontanería - Juntas
Clasificación IFC: Pipe Fitting
nombre UNSPSC: Plumbing connectors
código UNSPSC: 40141720
Uniclass 1.4 Código: L73121
Uniclass 1.4 Descripción: Pipes and fittings
Uniclass 2.0 Código: PR-62-64
Uniclass 2.0 Descripción: Pipe Fittings
Uniclass 2015 Código: Ac_10_40_63
Uniclass 2015 Descripción: Pipe fitting
Número OmniClass: 23-27 43 15
Título OmniClass: Pipe Expansion Joints
CSI UniFormat II Code: D20
CSI UniFormat II Title: PLUMBING
Este producto es apto en :
  • Sweden

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Plumbing - Joints

Nombre Valor
Angle 0 deg
Bend Radius 0 mm
Material Copper




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Nombre Valor
Material Copper

RSK Databasen

RSK Databasen

RSK Databasen

Nombre Valor
RSK Number 1182892 — 1182899

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