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TPO Membrane EVERGUARD TPO 2.0 - 3050 mm

Número de Artículo: BMI-Everguard-TPO-2-3050
Fabricante: BMI
Familia del producto: FLAT ROOF
Grupo del producto: WATERPROOFING
Anchura (mm): 3050
Altura (mm): 2
Profundidad (mm): 20110
Fecha de publicación: 2018-11-12
Número de edición: 1
Tipo: Materiales de construcción
Descarga (7)

Everguard TPO 2mm. Everguard TPO was the best-performing standard TPO in accelerated aging in the largest independent TPO study ever conducted. With over 15 years of proven performance, it can fit many roofing budgets and needs:

  • Available in 1,2mm, 1,5mm, 1,8mm y 2mm.
  • Guarantees available up to 25years*
  • Up to 3m-wide sheets can help increase production compared to other roofing technologies
  • Different systems available, including mechanically attached, fully adhered, and  RhinoBond® Attachment Systems

  • Great Value — Superior performance at a cost-effective price
  • Excellent Seam Strength — Heat-welded seams provide greater seam strength to taped and other seams
  • Long-term Weathering — Excellent long-term heat and UV resistance
  • Energy Saving — Highly reflective and emissive white roof can help reduce energy costs and urban heat island effect
  • CREST Energy Savings Calculator — See your potential savings at cool.gaf.com
  • Versatile Application Method

Material principal: FPO (polyolefin)
Material secundario: Polyester
Diseñado en: United States
Fabricado en: United States
Peso Neto (kg): 2.048

Categoría BIMobject: Building Materials - Waterproofing & Membranes
Clasificación IFC: Roof
nombre UNSPSC: Roofing membranes
código UNSPSC: 30151505
Uniclass 1.4 Código: L5396
Uniclass 1.4 Descripción: Waterproofing membrane
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 07 13 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Sheet Waterproofing
Número OmniClass: 23-13 25 17 13
Título OmniClass: Sheet Waterproofing
CSI UniFormat II Code: B30
CSI UniFormat II Title: ROOFING
Este producto es apto en :
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Building Materials - Waterproofing & Membranes

Nombre Valor
Application Flat roof
Material TPO
Thickness 2

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