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Althea S condensing boiler with integrated tank
Emmeti SPA

Althea S condensing boiler with integrated tank

Althea S wall-mounted condensing boiler for heating and domestic hot water production with an integrated tank of 50 liter, with very high energy efficiency and compact dimensions. The Althea S condensing boiler is available in the following versions: - X25Bl with nominal power of 24 kW - X30Bl with nominal power of 29 kW Features: - 4-star energy efficiency with 108% nominal efficiency - Clean combustion and belonging to the least polluting class (class 6) Why choose the Althea S boiler? - Energy saving: Althea S is a condensing boiler that allows savings of up to 30% thanks to its high heat exchange. - Duration in time: Althea S is a condensation boiler designed to last over time thanks to the materials with which it is built. - Efficiency: has a 4-star energy level marking according to the Efficiency Directive 92/42 / EEC. - Innovative technology: the boiler has an electronic system for managing all the safety and control functions with a digital readout display. - Easy maintenance: the particular geometry of the combustion chamber, the micro-flame burner and the internal conformation determine the perfect combustion in all conditions and reduces cleaning operations to a minimum.
  • Wall-mounted condensing hot water heat generator, for domestic hot water production with integrated tank of 50 liter stainless steel water heater and standard three-way valve, sealed chamber with premixed burner. Continuous power modulation with modulation ratio between minimum power and maximum power 1:10. High efficiency (4 stars ref. Efficiency Directive 92/42 / EEC) and low polluting emissions of CO and NOx (class 6 ref. UNI EN 15502-1). Energy efficiency in heating: class A. Energy efficiency in health care: class A. The boiler composed of: - Double wall perforated steel burner with dry operation - Heat exchanger in Ø 28 mm stainless steel tube, without welding. - Plastic condensate collection tray, resistant to acid condensation. - Pneumatic gas solenoid valve with air / gas ratio - Brushless type fan with variable speed electric motor - High efficiency electronic circulator, compliant with Erp 2015 directive - Pressure transducer with control and protection function - 10 liter expansion vessel - Motorized 3-way diverter valve for switching operation from heating to producing domestic hot water - Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger - Electronic system for the management of all safety and control functions, with backlit LCD display and keyboard - Tank in AISI 316L, insulated, capacity 50 liters with AISI 304 steel coil
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  • ReferenciaAlthea_S_Bl
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  • Grupo de productosAlthea SR
  • TipoObjeto (objeto simple)
  • Día de publicación2018-02-13
  • Número de edición1
  • Altura (mm)907
  • Ancho (mm)575
  • Profundidad (mm)433
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  • Material principalMetal
  • Material secundarioPlastico
  • Diseñado enItalia
  • Fabricado enItalia
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