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Número de Artículo: BLUEHELIX-SUBLIME
Fabricante: Ferroli
Familia del producto: HVAC - Boilers
Grupo del producto: Boilers
Fecha de publicación: 2020-02-13
Número de edición: 1
Tipo: Objeto (objeto simple)
Descarga (2)

Condensing wall hung boiler for heating and istantaneous domestic hot water by a dedicated steel plate exchanger.  BLUEHELIX SUBLIME can operate with Natural gas and LPG.

Model 28 C W/H/D 420 mm / 700 mm / 320 mm
Empty weight 28 Kg

Model 34 C W/H/D 420 mm / 700 mm / 320 mm
Empty weight 32 Kg
- 7” TFT touch screen - Tempered glass front panel
- LED ambient light (status functionality) 
- Connectivity Mobile integrated.
- Water pressure sensor - Automatic filling by electro-valve / manual filling
- Covered hydraulic connections: the first and only boiler closed on the bottoms side
- Large modulation range: 1:12
- Boiler with extra-thick stainless-steel primary heat exchanger, with increased sections (at the top of its range) to ensure durability and reduced maintenance, it maintains high efficiency levels even on old systems with oxidation and dirt
- A+ SYSTEM: being combined with the modulating remote control provided by standard, and the outdoor temperature sensor, it reaches the maximum energy efficiency A+ (scale from G to A+++)
- Class 6 NOx: already in line with the ErP regulation since 26.09.2018 (NOx emissions < 56mg/kWh)
- MC2: Multi Combustion Control, new combustion system with patented gas-adaptive technology of industrial origin for better adaptability of use as the conditions according to the variations of the gas mains (e.g. fluctuations or reduced pressure)
- MLR: Methane LPG Ready, via a simple configuration, the boiler can operate both with methane and LPG without using additional conversion kits
- Exclusive exchanger-burner system with self-cooled door (without insulation): it simplifies maintenance and reduces its cost thanks to a smaller amount of parts subject to deterioration > Instant production of domestic hot water with dedicated domestic plate exchanger
- Bypass circuit factory built
- Suitable for the ducting flue pipe system. Is certificated to operate with 50 mm flue gas accessories.
- FPS: Flue Protection System. The flue check valve installed as standard on the boiler allows for easy connection to collective pressure flue systems (e.g. in redevelopment projects), in accordance with UNI 7129
- Designed to simplify and make normal maintenance and cleaning steps easier
- Designed to be used with solar systems: designed for the production of domestic hot water  combined with solar panel systems
- ECO function in domestic mode for greater savings when hot water is rarely used
- Sliding temperature control with optional external probe
- Low-consumption modulating pump (ErP Ready – Class A)
- Digital flame control with three ignition attempts in the event of operation block if no flame is detected (only for methane-based operation)
- Installation site: also outdoors in a partially protected area up to -5°C 

Material principal: Metal
Material secundario: Glass
Diseñado en: Italy
Fabricado en: Italy

Categoría BIMobject: HVAC - Calderas
Clasificación IFC: Boiler
nombre UNSPSC: Boilers
código UNSPSC: 401020
Uniclass 2.0 Código: PR-60-08-36
Uniclass 2.0 Descripción: Condensing Boilers
Uniclass 2015 Código: Pr_60_60_08
Uniclass 2015 Descripción: Boilers
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 23 52 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Heating Boilers
Número OmniClass: 23-33 11 13
Título OmniClass: Condensing Boilers
CSI UniFormat II Code: D3020
CSI UniFormat II Title: Heat Generating Systems
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