Norgips release interior wall system dB+ as BIM objects

Natalie Nilsson - 2013-06-07

Norgips Norge AS manufactures and sells plasterboard and steel profiles. Norgips is one of the leading providers in the Norwegian and Swedish markets.

Norgips Norge AS release their entire range of interior wall system, Norgips dB+, as BIM objects in collaboration with BIMobject®. The objects are available for ArchiCAD. To see the products, please follow the link below:

Norgips Norge AS emphasizes environmental, quality and safety. This applies to the manufacturing process as well as the use of the finished products. Products by Norgips Norge AS emits no harmful gases or particles. Plasterboard is for many reasons one of the future building materials. Norgips Norge AS main areas of focus for the coming years will still be developing quality and increased environmental management.

”Norgips BIM objects allows the customer to make calculations and schedule projects smarter, and enables faster installation of our wall systems. Norgips BIM's strategy is to provide models of our building solutions that meet customer requirements for documentation of sound, fire, safety, and operation and maintenance”, says Hilde Kristin Herud, Marketing Manager Norgips Norge AS.

”We are proud to get the opportunity to develop some of the most sophisticated wall system components ever done for a BIM system. The interior wall system dB+ from Norgips are highly configurable and intelligent BIM objects that assists designers and constructors in the BIM process to the level of construction models with detailed quantity calculations. These objects in combination with the cloud based BIMobject® solution will position Norgips as a pioneer within the world of BIM” says Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject AB.


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