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ARDEX A 31 - Primer-free on cement-based substrates For alignment and fine-tuning of floors and walls

Yksilöity viite: ARDEX-A-31
Brändi: ARDEX
Tuoteperhe: Tile & Stone Installation System
Tuoteryhmä: Screeds/Mudbeds
Julkaisupäivä: 2019-11-07
Painoksen numero: 1
Tyyppi: Objekti (yksittäinen objekti)
Lataa (14)
ARDEX A 31 is a cementitious, solid, universal putty for repair, alignment, launching and fine-tuning.
Suitable for raw concrete, concrete and anhydrite coatings, terrazzo floors, tile and tile coatings, natural stone, aerated concrete, lecabetone, release of chipboard / plywood sheets, floor plasterboard screwed to substrate etc.
For repairing holes, lintels and small cracks.
When laying wooden floors swimming, a tight moisture barrier must be established on the putty layer, for example. a 0.20 mm PE film with at least 200 mm overlap and taped collections.
ARDEX A 31 cannot be used outdoors and in renewable water-loaded areas.

Material consumption: Approx. 1.25 kg of powder per. m² / mm.
Processing time: Approx. 15 min. at 20 ° C.
Foot traffic: After approx. 45 min.
Ready for covering: After approx. 2 hours
Pressure strength (DIN 1164):
After 1 day 17 N / mm².
After 7 days 20 N / mm².
After 28 days 30N / mm².
Bending tensile strength (DIN 1164):
After 1 day 4.0 N / mm².
After 7 days 4.5 N / mm².
After 28 days 6.5 N / mm².
Ball Pressure Hardness (Brinell):
After 1 day 55 N / mm².
After 7 days 63 N / mm².
After 28 days 80 N / mm².

Materiaali pääasiassa: Cementitious
Materiaali toissijaisesti:
Suunniteltu: Denmark
Valmistettu: Denmark

BIMobject-luokka: Lattiat - Tiles
IFC-luokitus: Floor
UNSPSC-nimi: Flooring
UNSPSC-koodi: 301617
Uniclass 1.4 Koodi: L5331
Uniclass 1.4 Kuvaus: Floor tiles
Uniclass 2.0 Koodi: SS-20-42-72
Uniclass 2.0 Kuvaus: Resilient And Textile Floor Covering Systems
Uniclass 2015 Koodi: Pr_35_93_96
Uniclass 2015 Kuvaus: Wall and floor tile units
NBS Reference Koodi: 20-42-72
NBS Reference Kuvaus: Resilient And Textile Floor Covering Systems
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 09 60 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Flooring
KaikkiLuokat Numero: 23-15 17 13 13
KaikkiLuokat Otsikko: Tile Flooring
CSI UniFormat II Code: C3020
CSI UniFormat II Title: Floor Finishes
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