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BuildBlock Building Systems, LLC

The company behind the ICF you choose is as important as the ICF itself. BuildBlock Building Systems is owned and operated by ICF veterans with years of practical field experience. Our goals are to provide you with the best ICF and to provide superior customer service at a competitive price.

BuildBlock was formed in 2004 by founder and CEO Mike Garrett. He spent more than 12 years in ICF construction and distribution and an additional 17 years in residential and commercial construction before launching BuildBlock. He pioneered the use of ICFs in Oklahoma.

BuildBlock ICF forms were created to overcome many of the problems and costs encountered with other ICF forms. Garrett’s field experience laid the solid foundation to create the most install friendly ICF on the market today.

The creation of BuildBlock forms focused on solving problems encountered when building ICF structures both simple and complex. BuildBlock introduced many patented features providing real practical benefits for the installer and owner.

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  BuildBlock Corporate Office
9705 N. Broadway Extension
73114, Oklahoma City
United States
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