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Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille

Extreme 300 Series High Performance Grille

For building owners and maintenance managers tired of repairing or replacing commercial doors or security grilles, the Extreme® 300 Series High Performance Grille is the answer. Ideal for parking garages, airports and transportation hubs or other high traffic openings, the 300 Series High Performance Rolling Grille operates up to 3 times faster than standard overhead coiling grilles and is engineered for 300,000 open and close cycles. If you need a high speed grille, the 300 high performance grille has fast opening speeds of up to 24" per second and closing at 12" per second, which maximizes productivity, smooths traffic flow and reduces downtime in high traffic applications.

To ensure maximum uptime, the 300 Series Grille requires practically no maintenance other than routine checks and no replacement parts. The commercial grille’s compact operator features a variable-frequency drive that ensures a smooth start and stop – reducing wear and tear on both the overhead grille and the operator. In addition, the operator’s direct drive design means there’s no sprocket and chain to wear or replace. It accepts virtually all security activation systems and features a 2 year operator warranty and a 2 year/300,000 cycle component warranty.

Our Apex SmartController intelligent control panel featuring plug and play wiring makes installing and servicing the 300 Series Security Grille easier than ever before. The LCD screen communicates safety grille status messages, provides easy-to-follow instructions for roll up grille commissioning, and electronically sets door limits. When the security grille limits are set, they are continuously monitored and adjusted.

When you need fast speeds, maintenance free solutions and easy to install and use security that still provides visibility and air flow, the 300 Series High Performance Grille is the only security answer you need.  

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