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Figueras reclining seats for planetariums meet the needs of any project

With more than 10,000 seats installed, at Figueras we have equipped the most renowned planetariums in the world with our reclining seats.

Planetarium halls require seats with special characteristics that allow you to enjoy the projection in the dome without sacrificing the comfort and safety that our seats provide. We have reclining seats, with different inclination positions, fixed inclination, headrests and armrests. These seats have been specifically designed for planetariums and can optionally include different features in the armrest such as a voting and audio system or buttons so that each occupant to adjust the inclination to their own liking.

Our team of experts analyse each project individually and offer unique solutions, adapted to each space. Our seats have a special foot that adapts to any slope that the floor of the planetarium may have.

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