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Outer and inner side horizontally corrugated sectional door. Bivalve sheet metal panels, stucco (rough) surface, 42mm thick polyurethane thermal insulation finger protection. Fund at the Gate C21 color white (similar to RAL9002 color). 190 different RAL colors available for additional charge. Residential or small residential condominium ajánlott.Háromféle duty hinges manufacture a torsion spring balancing, at least 15,000 base opening sized torsion spring, bottom, top and sides with EPDM rubber gaskets. CE certified, in accordance with the basic requirements of the European Union at spring break, finger and side intrusion protection. 11 kinds of standard width and height of 15 kinds of standard sizes available for additional charge in both width and height dimensions can be produced the same specific delivery time than the standard sizes.
Tekniset tiedot
  • Yksilöity viitelinea
  • TuoteperheResidential garage doors
  • TuoteryhmäKLING residential sectional garage doors
  • TyyppiObjekti (yksittäinen objekti)
  • Julkaisupäivä2012-11-27
  • Painoksen numero1
  • Korkeus (mm)2120
  • Leveys (mm)2520
  • Syvyys (mm)42
  • Ensisijainen materiaaliMetalli
  • Toissijainen materiaaliMetalli
  • Suunniteltu:Unkari
  • Valmistettu:Unkari
  • BIMobject-luokkaOvet - Autotallin ovet
  • IFC-luokitusOvi
  • UNSPSC-nimiDoors
  • UNSPSC-koodi301715