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Sectional overhead door - garage

Sectional overhead door - garage

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Lindab industrial and garage doors support the architects' visions for beautiful, functional and sustainable architecture as well as the contractors’ need for efficiency. 

Now you can download our industrial and garage doors as BIM objects. Our BIM objects are developed by architects for architects and support the digital work flows in the AEC industry.

A wealth of design options and features enhances architectural creativity

In addition to various standard colours a Lindab door can be tinted in all the colours of the rainbow. The doors are tailor made and easy to integrate in any project - whether it is an industrial, agricultural or office building, a sports hall or shopping centre. It has never been easier to be creative with doors.  

Environmentally friendly core material with high insulation capacities

Lindab industrial and garage doors are designed from a sustainable approach. In the production we use green energy and the core material of our doors is steel - one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely without losing the properties. Lindab doors are designed to last for many years, and since the doors are 98% recyclable they are a natural part of the circular economy. Our sustainable solutions are a natural result of Lindab's Good Thinking philosophy. 

We have conducted an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) "from cradle to grave" which provides AEC professionals, developers and building owners with the necessary documentation for sustainable building standards such as DGNB and BREEAM. The EPD is proof of our efforts to provide doors that support sustainable construction.

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  • The Lindab LDI / LDC residential overhead sectional doors is suitable fornearly all building types in the private sector, regarding function, design and installation.

    The various combinations of panel types and design, makesit possible to install this door solution in almost every building.

    When operated, the door leaf slides up under the roof, leaving the dooropening with full clearance.

    The Lindab residential overhead sectional doors can be fitted with the following systems.

    •Head room - Manual                      FreeHeadroom 160 mm

    •Head room - Electrical                   Free Headroom 140 mm

    •Width                                              Max 4000 mm

    •Hight                                               Max 2500 mm

    All Hardware types (except Vertical lift) can be designed to follow theRoof.

    Environment:  Emit 50% less CO2 during production compared with doors that use polyurethanefoamContain 98% recyclable componentsAre manufactured using green energy in DenmarkEmit 50% less waste gas in the event of fire compared with other doorsHave an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)Incur no additional environmental impact after disposal 

    Performance: To comply with European StandardsEN 13241 CE marked with manufacturer’s declaration of conformity. Wind resistance class 3 Water penetration class 3 Air permeability class 3. Thermal transmittance 0,6W (m².k). Compliant with BR20 Building Regulations. 

    Door panels:

    PolystyreneThe Danish Technological Institute has conducted an accelerated aging test ofour polystyrene door sections according to EN 12667: 2001, which demonstratesthat the insulation capacity over time is more than 10% more stable compared tosections of polyurethane. Our good product features also make our sectionssuitable for extreme environments such as car washes.

    U-ValueThe environmentally­friendly sections with high insulation keep the warmth inand the cold out, which has the advantage of reducing heating bills. The panelsare 46 mm thick with a core of extruded polystyrene and thermal bridgeseparation in the panel’s centre line, which gives a U­value of 0.95 W/m2K onthe door leaf.

    FireIn the event of a fire in the building, a polystyrene core material will notgive added energy to the fire, but will simply melt down to water.  Unlikepolyurethane foam, it will not release lethal hydrogen cyanide gases. In afire, polyurethane foam releases gases that are more than twice the toxicity ofpolystyrene*.

    AdhesiveIn Lindab’s unique manufacturing procedure, steel plates are process­ bondedonto the solid polystyrene core material and the amount of adhesive ismonitored visually. The result is a strong panel with no risk of delaminationor air pockets. 

    TracksThe high quality rail systems have a superior finish, without  any sharpedges. The rail system has a high grade of preasembling, which makesinstallation quick and efficient.They can also be supplied with thermal bridgeseparation between the frame and building, which will help to improve the totalU­value of the door.

    Securety: All tracks are hidden by a smoothlooking PVC profile for optimal protection.

    Warranty: Lindab A/S offers a five-year warrantyon door panels. Lindab A/S offers a two year product warranty.

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  • TuoteperheGarage Doors
  • TuoteryhmäSectional Overhead Doors
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  • Julkaisupäivä2019-10-31
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  • Ensisijainen materiaaliGalvanoitu teräs
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  • Valmistettu:Tanska
  • BIMobject-luokkaOvet - Autotallin ovet
  • IFC-luokitusOvi
  • UNSPSC-nimiMetal doors
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  • Uniclass 2015 -kuvausSectional overhead doorsets
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  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 -nimikeSectional Doors
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  • OmniClass-nimikeSectional Overhead Metal Doors
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  • CSI UniFormat II -nimikeExterior Doors

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