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  • Month: July 2018
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    BIM content that makes your ideas come true

    The BIMobject Cloud continues to grow, providing you with more high-quality content with every round of new objects. Because they contain all the information needed throughout the project process, the gap between your vision and carried-out reality grows that much smaller. Explore the manufacturers below for the perfect examples!

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    Find what you need among the new additions

    The latest round of objects covers a wide range of different categories and formats, making sure that whatever you're working on, you'll find the type of content that will take your project further. Have a look and be inspired!

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    The biggest platform – the largest selection

    For the BIMobject team, there's no better compliment than the steadily growing user numbers on our platform. With your help, we continue to provide the world's biggest touchpoint for the professional AEC community and offer the digital building products you need. Can't find your favourite brands? Let us know by clicking the 'Missing a manufacturer?' button. Or perhaps they're already in the latest batch of new BIM objects!

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    One platform – more than 23 million possibilities

    The content you find in the BIMobject Cloud comes both with reliability and flexibility: The options let you choose among the provided parameters according to your preferences, so that you're able to work with exactly the digital building product you want. That means that together, our over 320,000 objects hold more than 23 million different possible versions. Start exploring them with the latest additions!

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