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SmartX Controllers MP/RP Series and Living Space Sensors

Yksilöity viite: MP-X
Brändi: Schneider Electric
Julkaisupäivä: 2018-05-03
Painoksen numero: 4
Tyyppi: Kokoonpano (useita objekteja)
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The SmartX AS-P server is at the core of an EcoStruxure BMS. It can act as a standalone server and also control I/O modules and monitor and manage field bus devices.  The SmartX AS-P server performs key functionality, such as control logic, trend logging, and alarm supervision, and supports communication and connectivity to the I/O and field buses. The SmartX AS-P sever supports integration and communication with Schneider Electric supplied BMS systems and devices that use the following standards for buildings: I/NET, MicroNet, NETWORK 8000, and Andover Continuum Infinet. It consists of three models: AS-P-NL, AS-P, AS-P-SMK. The AS-P-NL is base model, the AS-P adds LonWorks connectivity and the AS-P-SMK model is certified for UL 864 Smoke Control. 

SmartX IP Controller – MP Series is a multi-purpose, fully programmable IP based field controller and is consisted of two model categories: MP-C and MP-V.  The MP-C models offer a flexible mix of I/O point types across five models: MP-C-15A, MP-C-18A, MP-C-18B, MP-C-24A, MP-C-36A that suits a wide range of HVAC applications.  The MP-V models are available in two models MP-V-7A and MP-V-9A that are equipped with integrated damper actuator and airflow sensor.  All MP Series controllers support a dedicated sensor port to power and communicate with up to 4 SmartX Living Space sensors. All MP Series controllers have models that are UL-864 Smoke Control certified: MP-C-15A-SMK, MP-C-18A-SMK, MP-C-18B-SMK, MP-C-24A-SMK, MP-C-36A-SMK, MP-V-7A-SMK and MP-V-9A-SMK as well as models that can be used on the Niagara N4 Platform: MP-C-15A-N, MP-C-18A-N, MP-C-18B-N, MP-C-24A-N, MP-C-36A-N, MP-V-7A-N and MP-V-9A-N .

SmartX IP Controller – RP series is a BACnet IP based room purpose controller that comes in four different models. The offers consist a flexible range of I/O point types that suits a wide range of HVAC room applications for Fan Coil and Chilled Beam systems. All RP models supports a dedicated sensor port to power and communicate with up to four SmartX Living Space Sensors.RP series controller is the main IoT hub for the Connected Room Solution and is future ready for integration with light and blind. Leverage the advantage with IP instead of MSTP and LON. IP is fast to handle “big data”, it allows architectural flexibility, it supports techniques for a higher cyber security. All RP-C models can be equipped with optional covers to reduce access to the screw terminals and wires if desired. The cover is easily mounted via a fast snap on without any need for screwing. The RP Series controller support begins with EcoStruxure Building Operation v3.0. All RP controllers connect to expansion modules via the Room bus, and provides I/O expansion for lighting and blind control to the controllers. RP-C offers the option of a wide range of expansion modules including DALI, 1-10V and SMI. These modules are offered, with and without power distribution. 

SmartX IO Controller - IP-IO module provides I/O expansion to HVAC applications for BACnet/IP. The module can share its I/O resources across applications running in SmartX servers, SmartX IP controllers, or third-party systems. The IP-IO modules offer a flexible mix of I/O point types across three models: IP-IO-DI10, IP-IO-UIO10, IP-IO-UIO5DOFA4. All IP-IO modules have models that are UL-864 Smoke Control certified: IP-IO-DI10-SMK, IP-IO-UIO10-SMK, IP-IO-UIO5DOFA4-SMK .

The SmartX RP-C DALI expansion module connects to the RP-C room controllers and provides I/O expansion for DALI lighting control to the controllers. The DALI lighting module enables power supply and control of lights equipped with DALI control gear The DALI lighting module is a DALI-2 certified device which means benefits such as improved interoperability and easier installation and maintenance. Lighting can be controlled by the RP-C through motion detection and light intensity measurement provided by the Multi-sensor or by SmartX Sensors connected to the RP-C. The DALI lighting module is part of the RP Series expansion modules for connected room solution and can be combined with other modules from this product range. The DALI lighting module has the following features: • One DALI channel, which is split into four outputs, for control of up to 32 lights 
• Up to 16 DALI groups for common control of lights 
• Four digital inputs for connection of light switches, window contacts, etc. 
• Power consumption monitoring per module 
• Suitable for mounting in ceilings 
• Wieland connectors allow for quick and easy installation

The SmartX RP-C expansion blind control module which are available in a low voltage and high voltage version connects to the RP-C room controllers. These modules enable supply and control of motorized blinds and shutters. The blind module has the following features: 
• motor control outputs for low voltage/ high voltage blinds 
• 4 digital inputs for connection of blind switches, window contacts, etc. 
• Estimation of the power consumption per module 
• Wieland connectors allow for quick and easy installation.

The SmartX RP-C also allows the connection of the multi-sensor on the Room bus. The multi-sensor is used for infrared motion detection and the measurement of light levels. The sensor's three flexible mounting brackets (springs) enable quick and easy installation on a suspended ceiling tile. The sensor also comes with a mounting ring, which allows the sensor to be installed on a ceiling with drywall anchors and junction/gang box. The sensor is connected to the RP-C room controller using an RJ45 type quick connector. The multi-sensor has the following features: 
• Powered through the Room Bus 
• Motion detection via infrared sensor 
• Luminosity measurement (for natural light and the indoor area) A Bluetooth® adapter is available for commissioning and service. It is temporarily connected to installed communicating sensors and allows for quick setup and configuration.

The Bluetooth adapter communicates to upload devices (smart phone, laptop, table, etc.) with the Living Space Sensor EcoStruxure Building Operation app installed via USB or Bluetooth communications. SmartX sensors are a family of living space sensors for use with SmartX IP controllers that use the EcoStruxure Building Operation user interface. These sensors use an RJ-45 sensor bus that provides communication and power from the SmartX IP controller. For quick installation, up to four SmartX sensors may be connected to each SmartX IP controller through the RJ-45 sensor bus using Cat 5/6 cable (22 to 26 AWG).

SmartX living space sensors are modular and are ordered in two parts: the sensor base and the cover. Four SmartX communicating sensor base models are available that can be paired with any one of six covers. CO2, Relative Humidity, and Temperature sensor base options provide an efficient, cost effective solution for living space air quality and comfort needs. Covers are available with a 61 mm (2.4”) backlit color touchscreen and a three button non-display version for override and setpoint. Blank covers with no user interface are also available. All modular cover variants are available with and without passive infrared occupancy sensors.

The SmartX Zigbee Adapter is a USB-based wireless adapter that enables ZigbeeTM wireless connectivity for SmartX IP RP Series room controller or SmartX AS-P or AS-B server, extending its point count and bringing flexibility in retrofit applications. The SmartX USB Adapter Cradle includes a mounting cradle and wall plate. With a USB cable extension, it allows for the choice of wall, ceiling, or exterior of the enclosure mount to maximize the transmission and reception of signals from distributed Zigbee devices .

• SmartX AS-P server - Automation Server, LonWorks, 2 RS-485 Ports, 2 10/100 Ethernet Ports
• SmartX AS-P-NL server - Automation Server, 2 RS-485 Ports, 2 10/100 Ethernet Ports

• MP-C, 15 Points, 8UIOb, 6 DO Triacs, 1 HP Relay 
• MP-C, 18 Points, 10 UIOb, 4 DO Triacs, 3SPST Relay, 1 HP Relay 
• MP-C, 18 Points, 10 UIOb, 8 DO Triacs 
• MP-C, 24 Points, 4 UIOc, 4 Form A relay, 16 UIOb 
• MP-C, 36 Points, 8 UIOc, 8 Form A relay, 20 UIOb 
• MP-V, 9 points, 4 UI, 3 DO Triac, 2 AO  
• MP-V, 7 points, 3 UI, 3 DO Triac, 1 AO
• RP-C-12A-F-24V - RP-C, 12 points, 8UIOb, 4 SSR
• RP-C-12B-F-24V - RP-C, 12 points, 8UIOb, 3 Low power relays (4A). 1 High Power relay form C (Normally open 12A, Normally Closed 3A). 
• RP-C-12C-F-24V - RP-C, 12 points, 4UIOb, 4 SSR, 3 Low power relays (4A). 1 High Power relay form C (Normally open 12A, Normally Closed 3A). 
• RP-C-16A-F-230V - RP-C, 16 points, 8UIOb, 4 SSR, 3 Low power relays (4A). 1 High Power relay form C (Normally open 12A, Normally Closed 3A). 
• RP-C-EXT-BL-2-LV-PD- Blind Module-2 channel 24V low voltage module, 4DI
• RP-C-EXT-BL-4-HV-PD- Blind Module- 4 channel 230V high voltage module, 4DI 
• RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE- Sensor with motion detection and light level sensing 
• RP-C-EXT-0-10V-4-PD- Light module- 4 channel with 0-10V output, 4 DI 
• RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD - Light module- 4 DALI outputs, 4 DI
• RP-C-EXT-KNX, KNX interface module 
• RP-C-EXT-ZB-DALI, 1 channel 
• RP-C-EXT-BL-SMI-2-LV-PD, 24V, 2channel, 4DI 
• RP-C-EXT-REL-4, 4 channel , 4DI  
• RP-C-EXT-0-10V-4, 4 channel, 4DI RP-C-EXT-0-10V-UNIDIM-1, 1 channel 
• RP-C-EXT-DALI-1, 4 outputs, single channel DALI, 4DI

• RP-C External Terminal Covers - Optional terminal covers to reduce access to the terminals and wires.
• ZB-A-USB - USB-based ZigbeeTM wireless adapter  
• USB-CRA - Optional mounting cradle and wall plate for Zigbee Adapter  

Materiaali pääasiassa: Metal
Materiaali toissijaisesti: Plastic
Suunniteltu: France
Valmistettu: France

BIMobject-luokka: Sähköosat - Controls
IFC-luokitus: Controller
Uniclass 2.0 Koodi: PR-16-16-26
Uniclass 2.0 Kuvaus: Electrical Automatic Controllers And Delay Devices
Uniclass 2015 Koodi: Pr_75_50_18
Uniclass 2015 Kuvaus: Controllers and control panels
NBS Reference Koodi: 16-17
NBS Reference Kuvaus: Controllers And Control Panels
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 26 09 17
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Programmable Controllers
KaikkiLuokat Numero: 23-27 11 11 15
KaikkiLuokat Otsikko: Temperature Controllers
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BIMobject SEEK Properties

Electrical - Controls

Nimi Arvo
Depth 163 mm — 237 mm
Frequency 50 Hz — 60 Hz
Height 70 mm — 84 mm
Power 2
Voltage 24 V
Width 124 mm — 194 mm