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Two-channel digital half-rack (9,5") receiver for use with Evolution Wireless Digital handheld, bodypack and tablestand transmitters. Extended 88 MHz switching bandwidth, intermodulation-free operation for up to 293 channels with secure AES-256 encryption and redundant power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE).


  • Two-channel digital half rack (9.5") in rugged metal housing
  • Up to 88 MHz switching bandwidth
  • Low latency of 1.9 ms wireless transmission thanks to proprietary Sennheiser Performance Audio Codec (SePAC)
  • 134 dB input dynamic range - no need to set gain on your wireless transmitters at all, thanks to proprietary Sennheiser Performance Audio Codec (SePAC)
  • Equidistant channel spacing to easily allocate intermodulation-free channels: Standard Mode with 600 kHz spacing for up to 146 channels; Link Density (LD) Mode with 300 kHz spacing for up to 293 channels
  • Network enabled for expanded remote control with Sennheiser Control Cockpit, Wireless System Manager (WSM - Available in 2023) and 3rd party media control systems via plug-in
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE 802.3af Class 3)
  • Ethernet connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Secure transmission of confidential content using AES 256 encryption
  • AutoScan-feature quickly scans your environment and deploys frequencies with equidistant channel spacing - even without RF knowledge
  • Link Quality Indicator (LQI) showing the quality of the links separate to the RF levels
  • Remote control via Smart Assist App over Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) at distances up to 25 meters (Available in 2023)
  • Clear and easy focused user interface with OLED display, jog wheel navigation and control buttons
  • Selective headphone output with volume control on front panel
  • Extended menu settings such as custom frequency list, selectable sync parameter and walk test
  • External PSU 12V/1A
  • Worldwide usage (specific frequencies subject to local RF regulations)
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    EW-DX EM 2 rack receiver

    The stationary two-channel receiver with switching diversity technology shall be for use with up to two companion transmitters as part of a digital wireless RF transmission system.

    The receiver shall operate within the following UHF frequency ranges, with a switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz: 470.2 – 550 MHz, 520 – 607.8, 606.2 – 693.8 MHz, MHz, 614.2 – 693.8 MHz, 630 – 693.8 MHz, 823.2 – 831.8 MHz, 863.2 – 846.8 MHz, 925.2 – 937.3 MHz, 941.7 – 951.8 MHz, 953.05 – 956.05 MHz, 956.65 – 959.65 MHz, 1785.2 – 1799.8 MHz. Different frequency variants shall be available depending on country-specific regulations.

    The receiver shall feature Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) at a frequency range between 2402 and 2480 MHz for remote controlling the devices via a control App for iOS and Android. The receiver shall feature an automatic frequency setup function with spectrum scan functionality in order to establish an equidistant frequency grid with 146 channels in standard mode and 293 channels in Link Density Mode.

    The audio frequency response shall be between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (-3 dB). Audio total harmonic distortion (THD) shall be ≤ -60 dB for 1 kHz @ -3 dBfs input level. Dynamic range shall be 134 dB. System latency shall be 1.9 ms. 

    The receiver shall be menu-driven with an OLED display showing the current frequency, channel number, metering of RF level, metering of AF level, lock status, muting function, antenna switching diversity, app connection, gain, audio output level, menu and battery status for each of the two associated transmitters. An auto-lock feature shall be provided to prevent settings from being accidentally altered.

    The following settings shall be configurable by function buttons and an encoder for each channel in the menu: frequency, channel name, gain, trim, AF output, low cut, AES 256 encryption, test tone, network settings, integrated antenna booster settings, display brightness, device name, auto setup settings for automatic frequency setup.

    For each of the two channels the receiver shall feature a balanced XLR-3M audio output with a maximum output of +18 dBu along with an unbalanced 6.3 mm (¼“) audio output with a maximum output of +12 dBu. 

    For secure transmission the receiver shall feature AES 256 encryption. 

    The receiver shall provide a walktest mode for monitoring the RF and AF signal status in the location over time.

    Two BNC-type input sockets shall be provided for connecting the antennas. The receiver shall be usable with active and passive wide range UHF antennas for the entire supported RF spectrum. 

    A headphone output with headphone volume control shall be provided and shall utilize a 6.3 mm stereo jack socket.

    The receiver shall have an Ethernet port (RJ-45) for remote network-based monitoring and control using the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software or the Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager software.

    The receiver shall operate on 12 V DC power supplied from the power supply unit or on Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE Class 0). Power consumption shall be ≤ 1 A. 

    The receiver shall have a rugged metal housing; dimensions shall be approximately 212 x 44 x 206 mm (8.35“ x 1.73“ x 8.11“). Weight shall be approximately 1000 grams (2.2 lbs) without antennas and power supply. Operating temperature shall range from −10 °C to +50 °C (+14 °F to +122 °F).

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  • Julkaisupäivä2022-11-24
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  • Leveys (mm)212
  • Syvyys (mm)189
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