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Loudspeaker - VECTOR-CD1565

No d'article: crestron-vector_cd1565
Fabricant: Crestron Electronics Inc.
Famille de produits: Audio
Groupe de produits: Speakers - Commercial
Largeur (pouces): 20.84
Hauteur (pouces): 33.89
Profondeur (pouces): 18
Date de publication: 2017-12-08
Numéro d'édition: 1
Type: Object (single object)
Télécharger (9)
Crestron® Vector™ Performance Loudspeakers provide a professional sound reinforcement speaker solution for large indoor spaces and venues. Featuring a revolutionary coaxial transducer design complemented by advanced Avia™ digital signal processing, Vector loudspeakers deliver exceptional intelligibility and natural sound quality for speech reinforcement, foreground music, and multimedia presentation applications. Compact, aesthetically-pleasing enclosures afford remarkable performance in less space. A choice of sizes and coverage patterns is offered to address the varying applications and room geometries found in auditoriums, theaters, lecture halls, houses of worship, convention centers, hotel ballrooms, sports facilities, night clubs, and public spaces.

The Vector CD1565 is a compact, trapezoidal speaker enclosure loaded with one 2-way coaxial transducer plus a second dedicated low-frequency transducer. The coaxial transducer is composed of a 15” (381 mm) LF driver and a 60° x 45° HF horn with 3” (76 mm) diaphragm compression driver. The second LF transducer is a 15” driver with enhanced low-frequency performance. Advanced engineering and construction of the complete speaker achieves a space-efficient design with high output capability and consistent pattern control.
Its integrated coaxial transducer aligns the low-frequency and high-frequency elements to produce precise transient response and uniform directionality across the entire frequency range. The two 15” LF drivers work together in a bi-amplified configuration to achieve an increase in overall output and improved low-frequency pattern control. The coaxial transducer can be rotated in 45° increments to tailor high-frequency coverage to the space and allow for horizontal or vertical orientation of the enclosure.
Advanced Coaxial Transducer
The LF/HF transducer in the Vector CD1565 represents a revolutionary advancement in coaxial speaker design. Its high-frequency horn features a large 3 inch (76 mm) titanium diaphragm compression driver, which operates at frequencies lower than typical, allowing the high-frequency horn to smooth the response of the low frequency section to reduce shadowing of the woofer by the horn. The woofer’s large radiating surface works in conjunction with the high-frequency horn to improve directional control at the lower end of the horn’s frequency range resulting in better pattern control throughout the critical voice band. The large diaphragm also allows the compression driver to produce higher sound pressure levels without distortion to deliver incredibly clear and dynamic sound quality for both speech and program material.
The complete coaxial transducer assembly employs a single neodymium magnet with dual-gap geometry, which minimizes the spacing between the compression driver and woofer voice coils. This integrated approach virtually eliminates the delay between the two drivers, allowing a passive crossover to be used to seamlessly blend the horn and woofer into a single point source. The reduced demand on the internal crossover helps to maximize efficiency and damping, and the use of a single neodymium magnet reduces the speaker’s weight, size, and cost.
Dual Low-Frequency Drivers
The Vector CD1565 employs an innovative and unconventional bi-amplified 3-way configuration using dual 15” LF transducers. Relative to the coaxial transducer, the dedicated LF transducer features increased excursion capability below 100 Hz, with a 4” (102 mm) voice coil and powerful ceramic magnet for extra output capacity and higher power handling. The frequency range of both drivers overlaps at precise levels to achieve a flat summed response, producing a higher overall output level compared to a more traditional LF/MF/HF 3-way system. The use of dual LF transducers also provides the benefit of extending usable LF pattern control by over an octave, reducing acoustic reflections in the room for better clarity and “projection.”
Avia™ Digital Signal Processing
Every aspect of the Vector CD1565 is designed to take advantage of the signal refining abilities of a Crestron Avia DSP. Vector loudspeakers and Avia processing work synergistically to produce a superior speaker system tuned for accurate, uncolored reproduction of voice and program signals. Precision signal processing is employed to accomplish what can’t be done physically, strategically eliminating harsh-sounding resonances caused by horn reflections while retaining every nuance of the original signal.
Further refinements are employed to maximize transient response and deliver smooth bandwidth performance both within and beyond the speaker’s nominal coverage pattern. The result is an extremely natural sounding speaker system with superior pattern control, improved intelligibility, reduced listener fatigue, and higher gain before feedback. Two channels of processing are employed to deliver an optimized signal to each transducer.
Versatile Installation
The Vector CD1565 is particularly effective in systems where targeted pattern control is desirable, including front of house, delay fill, and foreground music applications. Its clean appearance and familiar format facilitate acceptance by architects and interior designers, and the 40° trapezoidal angle allows it to be mounted near walls or ceilings without obstructing sight lines. Concealed M10 mounting points are included to accommodate forged shoulder eyebolts (sold separately).[1]

1. There is no yoke bracket available from Crestron for this model.

Summary Of Features

A space-efficient, professional performance loudspeaker for large indoor spaces
Dual 15” (381 mm) LF transducers for increased output and improved pattern control
Advanced coaxial transducer with 60° x 45° HF horn
Integrated HF compression driver with 3 inch (76 mm) titanium diaphragm
Delivers superior performance in combination with an Avia™ DSP
Precisely tuned for accurate, uncolored sound reproduction
Produces high intelligibility and natural sound quality for speech and program material
Achieves smooth bandwidth performance both within and beyond the specified coverage pattern
Uniform directionality affords consistent, targeted pattern control
Capable of high SPLs without coloration or distortion
Provides excellent cost-benefit compared to more conventional designs
40° trapezoidal enclosure affords a clean, unimposing appearance
Rugged yet light construction for easy, reliable installation
Concealed M10 mounting points
Forged shoulder eyebolts available separately [1]
Coaxial transducer rotates in 45° increments to accommodate different coverage and orientation requirements
Neutrik® speakON® input and pass-through connections
1. There is no yoke bracket available from Crestron for this model.

Materiau principal: Steel
Materiau secondaire:
Créé en: United States
Fabriqué en: United States
Poids net (lb): 89

Catégorie de BIMobject: Eléments Electroniques - Appareils électroniques audio
Classification IFC: Object
Nom UNSPSC: Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment
Code UNSPSC: 4511
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L76116
Uniclass 1.4 la description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-75-06-49
Uniclass 2.0 la description: Loudspeakers
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_70_75_36_50
Uniclass 2015 la description: Loudspeakers
NBS Reference Code: 75-06-49
NBS Reference la description: Loudspeakers
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 11 52 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Audio-Visual Equipment
Numéro OmniClass: 23-37 15 29 11 13
Titre OmniClass: Loudspeakers
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BIMobject SEEK Properties

Electronics - Audio

Nom Valeur
Cover Material Plywood
Depth 457 mm
Height 861 mm
Installation Locations Ceiling ; Wall
Speaker Cover Material Steel
Width 529 mm